PVP Becoming Tedious

I’m sad to say that I’m not enjoying Gems as much as I used to the main reason for this is when I’m fighting PVP both ranked and casual I am facing the same opponents over and over again, I don’t mean teams with the same troops I mean the same team. I fought fifteen battles this morning and fought one opponent three times, my partner has also noticed that she’s repeatedly fighting the same opponents. I’m curious if there a reason why this is happening?


My understanding is the game doesn’t pick your opponents from “every possible player in the game”, but it tries to pick “active” players. That means when picking your opponents, it asks something like, “Find me a player who has played a match sometime within the last {time period}.” We don’t know what that time period is, but we do know if you play PvP during times when there aren’t a lot of other people playing, you will see a big drop in variety like you’re describing.

I’ve seen it happen at really early-in-the-morning times, I’m not really sure exactly when it was, though.

It has been this way as long as I’ve played past level 200. It’s just the meta of the week / month until the next one arrives. Live with it or don’t play PvP they don’t care from the months of talking about it I’ve read through. Personally I just play till rank 1 now and then a few matches a day (whatever I can stomach) and then do anything else.

If you read the op post carefully you would see he’s not talking about same teams but the same person over and over.

I’ve noticed this too and it’s annoying and boring. Bad enough most people have similar teams but when you face the same exact person every 3rd match it’s made even worse. They need to increase whatever time limit is currently in place that allows a team to show up. Probably more of a problem on consoles due to far less playerbase.


Sorry I wasn’t clear. I know he was saying the same people, what I meant was I agree and it’s the same 15-20 people and mainly the same meta teams as a result. No argument here, the ranked PvP is the “dumpster fire” of the game imo. Also I do play on PS4 where our lower population base certainly doesn’t help. Additionally I’m above the level 1300 threshold so my “opponents” list is very, very small :frowning:


Devs have been considering changes to the pvp matchmaker for ages now. I really hope they come through soon…

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It would certainly be good to see a bigger variation of opponents

You may try to avoid your revenge.
I know they give extra rewards, but they can put you in a constant back and forth

I was thinking it might be nice to have more than 1 defend team. If they have unique troops you could be rewarded* like guild wars. The AI would randomly select your defend team for more variety.

  • = small reward so as not to punish those going for rank 1 PVP

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