What gives - same teams being presented in PvP

Right now by the Rank - there are over 21k teams out here.

I’m in the 19k range - about 3k from the bottom probably.

However, In the last four days (I started keeping track) - I have been presented the same time within hours of having it presented to me and I pay a gem to move on to another set of selections.

This I think is a bit unfair. I’m wasting gems = for teams I clearly do not want to play (especially those lame ones that claim to be low team totals that have ungodly levels and skills.

More so, recently in the last day or so, I’ve been presented with teams that I can’t even beat in the normal slot 1 trophy slots. (Several dragon teams).

And this one just sad - I just beat someone and three rounds later they’re back in the normal slot again.

How come with over 21k in teams are we presented with such a tiny window of teams in PvP?

I have been experiencing this as well, but just curious what level you are?

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Hi HK. Love your avatar icon
I’m Diamond II with 3645 Trophies/ Level 7 for the week at 1390, Rank 19,427.
I’m Warlord Level 20/Level 96
I have a 54% WIN Rate - however if you take out the defenders portion (which I wonder if I ever will win more than 4 or 5 a week) I have a 79.8% WIN rate.

Oh so player level 96? Yeah around the same area that i’m seeing it. I’m sure others are too though. I keep getting the same revenges over and over too.

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Well, you aren’t presented the pool of all players on PC/mobile. The pool consists of other players playing around the same time as you. I “think” people fall out of that pool after 3 to 6 hours.


This is correct.

More active players appear more often.

Also it favours ‘rivals’ and ‘revenge’ battles which is another slightly self-fuelling way to get the same opponents too often.

Matchmaking algorithm still needs work - but it’s way better than it used to be


thanks for the explanation. I’m not getting many revenge or rivals…just a lot of the same names that I know the team I have created won’t survive since we can’t really target specific troops especially when it is clear that if you could you would (random takes someone down to 2 points but you can’t finish them off because they are in the middle of the pack.

And I won’t play against anything with MAW or all Mythicals. I’m still noobee even at 96 level.

At your level, make sure you’ve progressed the quests and challenges as much as possible to get easy souls and rewards.

Arena is also worth a shot to get troops and souls.

PvP is risky I guess (though can be great fun) - but watch you don’t burn all your gems switching opponents. PvP is the best way by far to get gold though…

Look at it from positive perspective -
You don’t have to scout your opponent to know his team :smiley:

I’ve been seeing a small grouping of opponents as well. he strange thing is, with the current population of players, why would I get to select opponents from a group of (estimated) 30 players that appear randomly.

Also, I am confused by the level of the players as well as the team power. At lvl 400, I see people ranging from well under 100 to 1000, often. Team strength of opponents ranges from under 1k to over 8k. Seems to be no logic associated with the automated selection of opponents.

It would be nice to see a programming change, that allows us to select opponents based upon team strength. Allow us to select opponents based upon a team strength threshold, as the majority of us like a challenge.

Let us select opponents from a pool of players based upon their team strength. You could allow us to choose the thresholds. Opponents 1k higher than you would yield different rewards than opponents 1k or more lower than you. These rewards could vary greatly from a guaranteed proze, or simply a greater chance of obtaining certain traitstones.

Another thing I would like to see would be a point value assigned to our cards. These cards could be used as a rewards for challenges. I could put up my Jarl Firemantle against your Sheggra in a 3 out of 5 series of battles. This of course would work much better if it were live player PvP vice AI PvP.