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Has something changed with PvP matchmaking?

I have recently started using my other account again and got it to level 437 and most of my matches are against level 1000+


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I’m level 457 and as you can see losing a lot


Why am I being given level 1000+ players as my 3 trophy all the time?


By level 400 you can fight anyone, think it’s always been like that.


That’s dumb. I have Dragon Soul and 2 fully traited Krystenaxs they do alright but I still lose a lot even my 1 trophy battles. 3 trophy battles should be really hard and occasionally impossible to win but not impossible every time like I have been getting.

What I have noticed is the lack of level variety… (both accounts - my primary and my secondary)

This is my secondary

or worse where everyone is 10k or higher.

I’m a 408 level and my best team is 8k (two Krys/1 TDS)

My Defense team is set to 5k ish