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Any tips on beating the goblin team on Pet Rescue?

I never ask for gameplay help…but these little green turds are killing me in the pet event “last stage” I need good teams for destroying them, please.

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4x gob chomp 50% devour


I could try that for sure

More than one Gob-Chomper is a waste. What you want is 1 Gob-Chomper, then Frost Archer and Queen Mab (traited). Fourth slot is up to you. I like Queen Aurora as my “I dunno what to put here” card.

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Gob Chomper
Gob Chomper
Keeper of Souls

Kraken Banner


Going off memory… Gobchomper, Borealis, The troll that doubles blue,and Frost Archer

Freeze prevents extra turns. Gobchomper eats goblins. 3rd troop just gives more chances to freeze.

Depending what troops you have I find Gorgotha, Infernus, Dawnbringer (Bard), Magnus is effective. STATUS EFFECTS :slight_smile:

No Dawnbringer

That got me murdered in 4 turns…lol But Gorgotha 3x gobchomper…was easy

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Thanks guys

Gobchomper x 3 and Mercy (fully traited) with Double Yellow banner

Three chances at Devour (if a Devour fails, go for a different target with the next GC so you can steal the Armour) and at some point you should be able to get Mercy to give you a 4 match converting Purple to Yellow to refill at least one GC if not more.

Target Princess Fizzbang if she’s not Stealthy, if not, go for Goblin King, then Queen Grabblepot.

I’ve only lost once with this team against Goblins when the fall of the gems was very much against me.


I like using Gorgotha/Borealis/Famine/The Dragon Soul.

Gorg/Rowanne/Gard’s Avatar/Enchantress.

And that’s also my Explore team.

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2x Dwarven Gate

I went runic blade, Ragnarok, king silenus, and gob chomper. Gobchomper is fully traited. I just restarted until the gob chomper devoured the top goblin on turn one. With gob chomper in the top slot fizbang dies quickly with skull matched after the first devour.

That’s what I use against goblins, think I’ve only ever lost 1 game in probably 150 battles (for the true statisticians on this forum, no I haven’t kept full records but this is an estimate :grinning:). On first 4 goes you normally devour 2 opponents before opponent fills mana, and after that simple skull hits finish them off. The goblin team is then pretty week with only 2 remaining troops trying to loop.

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No, no it’s really not, as long as you have Gob traited out. I have devoured all 4 troops more times than I can count with 4 Gobchompers. Personally, I like the x3 Gobs and x1 Mercy, but in general the multiple Gobchompers is a winning combo against all Goblin teams.

I use 3x Gob Chomper/Rock Troll, and alternatively Gob Chomper/Valk/Justice/Mab. I’ve only lost one match with the first team (horrid RNG, no devours etc) and none yet with the second.

King Highforge

It’s a little late now but for future reference whenever I see a goblin team I always fight it with another goblin team. Even in guild wars I’ll switch out my attack team if I have to fight one.