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Anti Goblin Team

Forest Troll
Queen Mab

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Even if you have Mab 3rd Traited, this is by no means a counter-team. You need the initial luck, the initial gem distribution, a fortuitous 4-Match or two, and for Mab to Freeze the correct Enemie(s).

Even Borealis isn’t viable due to the insane Mana cost. Of course I’m speaking from a PC perspective, where I am at my wits end almost.


I agree. It’s always going to be a race to fill a key troop first, or hope for good board alignment with something like Mercy.

With the current state of the game, there will be plenty of teams that will give you a high probability of success, but no guaranteed wins.


A couple of waregares are anti green.

I had Ice Golem up for a whack of fights to no real positive effect, I think due to the 13 Mana requirement.

Rotten luck or something else, not sure. I’m too small a sample size to say really.

I would suggest that there are not enough reliable counters to “non-create” ETs perhaps?

I just fight Goblins with Goblins/Mab. I win more than I lose, but either way the battle is over pretty quick.

I have finally found a successful team:

Dark Troll
Queen Aurora

Basically with banner and Aurora you fill Fizzbang, and then just play. Forever. And Ever.

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That team beat me a couple of times.
A combination of goblins with Fizzbang and Mab is pretty good against a full goblin team.

Fizzbang is the key to the team, and she would have have a lot more counters without stealthy. The high mana cost is her key weakness. Reliance on green to explode doesn’t mean much unless you can keep them all off the bottom 2/3 of the board because of cascades and lucky alignment post explode. Freeze generally requires you getting the upper hand on her, which means you just have the opportunity to just wipe them out usually. Basically, like every other super strong option, not letting her cast is the key to winning. Grapplepot does good AoE, but by herself and not buffed is not threatening. Nobends are only threatening sometimes and most the other goblins need a buff by fizzypops for them to not deal laughable damage.

Replace a Kraken with Valk. Still a race, but you have four colors to start with lower mana costs on each, and they have two.

Gob-Chomper is the best troop against Goblins. And if you combine Mab with a couple of gemchangers you can easily get 4- and 5-matches to freeze the goblins and prevent them from looping…

GoW anti goblin


What about using shiny to remove green gems… Then fizz cand power everything else and her et is impotent

Works sometimes, but is not be consistent for the reasons I outlined. Mainly that some can immediately make their way back to the bottom of the boards due to cascades, and then having any green gems on the lower two thirds of the board when Fizzbang explodes will cause a cascade or a match 4/5 setup very often, and losing a color from the board makes Fizzypops easier to fill herself. I’ve filled the team with cascades on an explode with three green gems on the board. Does make her sightly less likely to get that second cast and so on and so forth, but not 100%.

The only effective way I’ve found to fight goblins is with more goblins.

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Anointed One
Infernal King

Anointed One has fast and wipes green. Get a match 4 to entangle, then loop reds and skulls with Courage.

Rock Troll
Hero (Titan class) brown/blue or brown/green weapon
Queen Mab

Darkstone banner

Snow Sprite freezes at 6 mana costs. Wraith does freezing and other nasty thing on skull damage, at 7 mana costs.
Three different hero weapons freeze selected enemies, the cheapest being Dragonator at 9 mana cost.
Orc transforms Green into Red at 10 mana costs.
Alchemist, Apothecary, Hellcat, Valkyrie trasform any color into something that’s not green.


Had that team wipe my team twice.
Fizzbang increased the magic of the Brothers and their group damage triggered :x


But apart from those two unlucky moments I killed all Goblin teams with Krys, Krys, TDS, Mab.

Borealis works fine, you just have to focus on it (and as always, have some luck).
Combined with Krystenax to remove green gems and quick AoE damage, all you need is something to create the gems you need.

My reliable Gard team: alchemist, hellcat, gard, mercy w/ red/brown banner. Haven’t lost once yet since I started using it. Goblins can’t loop if they don’t get a turn. Not that fast though.

If you have the Emperor, he helps a lot, as the stun can unstealh Fizz, and also remove the Queen’s third trait.