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I just got nuked by one an hour ago lol
Even without devour and 2 dmg on 4 or 5 match, it’d still be used a lot.

Stonehammer in last is my go-to. Stuns the traits off Forest Troll, sets some burn in motion, and provides red and brown for Highforge, who I also like. He can’t be devoured but can also heal himself, unlike most other indigestables.

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This is starting to take off on console, so I’d like to hear ideas. Thanks for starting this.

For now, I’ve been mostly avoiding that lineup, but when I face it, I’ve been using Gorgotha, Mab, Valkyrie, Mab. Freeze two troops on any-four match and there is a good chance that the troll grinds to a halt before he can get things going. Fill either Gorgotha or Valkyrie and you’re generally unstoppable. Even if one Mab gets devoured, you can still win with one. I’m sure this isn’t the ideal response, but it’s working for me so far.

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@UKresistance wrong thread here is the ome you are looking for

Would Kraken still be meta without devour?

This seems to be working

Keghammer can’t be devoured, starts empowered and inflicts triple damage on Giants.
Decent option to quickly remove the troll

Shame keghammer can’t insta kill forest troll but it’s a troop I hadn’t thought of so it’s a start. I’m currently finding its a case of fight fire with fire for a good chance of countering and a “who fills first wins” outcome or just avoid kraken altogether if possible but guild wars is definitely much harder work now

Guys i need help! I cant beat kraken at all… I lose every battle😕

I’ll just leave this here…

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What is your point? I am not complaining about wisp at all so what are you even talking about?

Don’t be deliberately obtuse - my point is extremely clear…

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Im not… You have to forgive me being stupid but if your point is “extremely clear” i must be too stupid to grasp it so please spell it out where a nitwit such as myself can understand

@Vangor relax, it seems for me that he agrees with the point you made.

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Then why post it here?

Now I get it its not from the new Wisp thread. I get easily confused today lol.
Only he can answer that, possibly @Drathas confused too? We all are confused today hehe :joy::clown_face:

The only thing I can see is that there was actually a thread for this exact topic already. I didn’t remember it, but it did come up as the first topic when I searched “kraken”.

If that was the case, why not just say so instead of leaving what was kind of an unclear message?

See thats a good point @Stan i was unaware of that thread and i only created this one as a reaponse to being told not to post on another one so i apologize for making a redundant thread…

@Lyya please feel free to cloae this one


She might even have the power to move the relevant posts over to the other thread…


That would be fine also whatever can be done

I for one am done with this topic since nothing i say is right anyway