Kraken-Forest Troll-Mab-Kraken defense teams...anyone find any good counters?

Hey guys,

I have been seeing the Kraken-Forest Troll-Mab-Kraken defense teams a ton in GW, and at this point it seems to be my only true weakness. Has anyone found any good counter teams? I was using Elemaugrim on purple day as my last team but because of the huge bug surrounding Ele he got devoured 3 times. So frustrating.

Anyone else find any good troops/teams that seem to counteract this team? At this point, I have been using that exact team against any defense that comes out, which works out most of the time, but it would be nice to find some more color options.

Looking forward to the discussion!

Use combination of damage on all units, like dragon soul, krystynax or similar with a direct attack (where yu choose the target) troop like borialIs, famine ect work. You can focus damage on mab and buuild mana. I’ve also got a gaurdian construct to help mana generation and buff. You’ll have test combinations that work for you. Important also is make sure each unit has different mana colours. This combo has given me a very good win loss record in pvp. Unfortunately it more difficult in gw because of the colour match. Only advice i can give is use units that gives the enemy negative effects on 4/5 matches like sylvamore, khorvash and mab.

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I didn’t think of Borealis, if I could shoot him off quickly he could definitely help with the all frozen aspect. Mab too. Thanks!!!

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Lord Ironbeard, Apothecary, Lady Ironbeard, King Highforge. None of them can be devoured. KH stuns, summons and does damage. Lady hits for 3x damage if her armor is higher than the target’s - mine can do as much as 96 damage in one shot. Try it, you’ll like it - as long as you have them traited.


Just use your regular team and pray. About 30% of the time it helps. :slight_smile:


Maw/Mercy/Infernal King/Sheggra. Devour the Forest Troll and the team usually falls apart. I win against that team around 70 - 80% of the time using this.

Just noticed you said GW. Luckily I don’t see it too much but when I do I struggle against that team a lot when I lose against it too much and I get really annoyed I usually just take Maw/Mercy in. A win with the wrong colour is better than another lose.


I just take this when the meta teams start to annoy me:


Its not very GW friendly though.


I just fought this team twice in today’s GW with my main yellow team and had not much trouble. In my case, Mab was in the bottom spot. Since Kraken is slow to power itself, knocking out Forest troll is a priority. I used

Green Seer
Forest Guardian
Yellow/Green banner, all cards fully traited

In the first match, one of the Krakens managed to devour FG, so I devoured it with Maw in a fit of revenge bloodlust. Still, I lost a card, well, it happens against Krakens. In the second match, I did not devour anything as I had to cast Green Seer on yellow and then FG eliminated all brown. But there were enough skulls and some cascades to kill everything in a couple of turns. Finished with 4 cards intact.

Initial goal is to power up Seer with purple trying to keep some brown intact, cast Manticore if absolutely safe to stun Mab or to drain mana from Troll or Kraken. Then, it should be more or less smooth sailing but have to pay attention. Of course, if possible, power up Maw but it might take awhile unless really lucky with the starting board.

In general, Manticore is one of the most essential cards for GW IMHO. Especially when facing Mab, makes life easier.

On a green day, Manticore - Giant Spider - Forest Guardian - Kraken works fine as well, usually no major issues even with bad starting boards.

Red day is still quite tricky for me, it is probably the most difficult and less reliable. I have 3 different teams but they all stumble occasionally. Blue, brown and purple should have no problems against Forest Troll - Kraken combo.


Rock Troll (Red/Purple) has indigestible so shouldn’t be able to be devoured. @RiverSong also pointed out that the dwarven Fortitude trait also currently protects against it.

Also the fix for Impervious is coming Soon™

I find Baba Yaga useful against Mab. The granny Silences the last two enemy troops, and usually Mab lurks at the rearguard.
No idea what to do with the Wisps but fielding a strong loop team and hoping for the best.


Didn’t know that Soon is already a trademark…lol


I personally use a dwarf team, i got 90% wins until yesterday. Now it seems that we’re looking again at the crazy unstoppable AI cascades, since today’s mini update. 2 turns and then it’s AI show. I wonder why I’m still playing.

I’ve been using my Troll/Asha/Kraken/Mab against those teams :slight_smile:

I’m definitely seeing this team become more common on console these days and am looking for good alternatives. I’ve mostly been avoiding it, but when I feel like I need to take it on (GW or whatever), I’ve been using Gorgotha, Mab, Valkyrie, Mab. As long as I get at least one 4-match, I’ve usually got 2 or more enemy troops frozen and the crazy looping stops before it starts. None of the usual suspects are immune to mana burn and once I can get either Gorgotha or Valkyrie filled, it is usually game over.

If you don’t have Famine skip this post. :frowning:

Gorgotha / Dragon Soul / Famine / Mab is my go to for 99% of PVP (including this team). Mab is there to break the extra-turn loop and occasionally do massive Mana Burn damage; the exploders keep each other charged while doing damage and loading up Famine. Usually between the mana drain and Famine’s spell Kraken won’t ever get the chance to devour, so Impervious is pointless in the last slot.


Not so much a ‘counter’, but I’ve found this team pretty decent in demolishing the Krakens. Mainly because it charges quicker than them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Desert Troll
Titan with Eye of Xathenos
Fire Giant

Charge Desert Troll, cast the match 4 will set everyone aflame! Fire Giant is charged so straight into triple damage against any target of choice. This won’t kill them but soften them for the Infernus mop up.

Once you get a kill with Fire Giant he’ll make more mana for Infernus. The board will also be a majority of red/yellow which none of the enemy troops use. :wink:

The Eye does triple against the pesky Mab.

Dawnbringer would also work I think but do not have it crafted. It would turn the hero into a Jotnar or sorts.


Thanks for pointing out, I always forget Mab is a Fey! :smiley:

Gem denying troops like Krystenax / Gem transforming troops like Alchemist or Valkyrie are always nice to have. You can often deny the troll overflow.
… But yes, last slot impervious is a must.

Also - Amira :smirk:

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Using Krystenax to remove Green specifically seems to have helped a bit. It’s a change from my normal strategy using that troop. I don’t know if it’s because people are giving Green the highest priority in their defense settings or what, but I’m seeing results.

You can still get RNG’d if you clear Green and a bunch more fall from skyfalls…but, another tool in the toolbox!

Hrmmm… When i suggest using shiny to remove green gems as a counter to troll/kraken 14 million people wanna tell me i am wrong… Strange huh?