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Would Kraken still be meta without devour?

Everything is in the title.
Honest question.

And I know, he isn’t number one on the nerf list, he isn’t on my own list either, but I’m just wondering.


Yes, Kraken, similar to Queen Mab, would be used just for their traits.


Yes, because it has the unstoppable potential to do 50+ AOE when Forest Troll makes a blob.

Let’s talk about fixing the blob calcs then Kraken fades away again, or of that won’t happen then piss the thick head trait off Kraken.


Oh yes, especially two or more. That trait of damage on matches with the troll and or spider - I’ve taken out entire teams without a single ‘attack’… Killed them with Slapping tentacles.

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Kraken by itself is not a huge problem, just an annoyance. But these huge blobs should really be counted as a single match and not as multitude of multiple matches. And I wish the traits trigger only once per action or maybe even once per turn.


At this point, yeah, probably. On offense, I mostly use it to trait-bomb the enemy team to death, devour just makes it a bit quicker. On defense, it would mean not even needing to pretend like you need to bring a devour counter, which might make it “bad” enough to force it out of the meta since people will realize that isn’t really how you beat them, and said troop might be slowing you down. I bring devour counters sometimes, sometimes not, rear slot devour blockers and even full team devour immunity doesn’t do much if you let troll or kraken cast. Other counterplay works most of the time, for example, getting rid of all the greens on the board. But I’ve personally experienced a death spiral by letting troll cast with two green gems on the board, which is annoying to say the least.


You keep saying this, in several threads now. Would you be kind enough to share any of the teams that give you this glorious win percentage?


Pretty much what Tacet and Drathas said.

And speaking of Forest Troll… sometimes i have the impression it “cheats” while doubling those green gems… I don’t have this impression with the other trolls, but on the other hand the other trolls are so rare to see in pvp… So, recall bias i guess.

Previously, he’s said he uses:

The Dragon Soul

Yet I don’t see it being that effective if you’re denying blue/brown from the troll as you’re not charging up the main engine of this setup. So, focusing on red/purple allows the troll to charge quickly, then flood the board with green. If this ain’t the case Vangor, feel free to elaborate. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:

Losing to this team, along with Wisps, always feels like I never had a chance to retaliate. Which, in my experience, is far different to the Psion/Famine teams.

It might have been a better idea to make forest troll different mana colors like yellow red. The fact kraken generates random blue which feeds the troll, it’s just bad design

Oh the irony.


You remain the only person who thinks that dragons with explosions is a counter to troll/kraken. It isn’t. It’s a good team that can win fast and often, for sure. But it isn’t a counter team, and exploding the board is very risky against meta teams.

Let’s agree to disagree. But I can’t accept that you are doing something special with this team that @drathas or @RiverSong or me or anyone else isn’t able to do. Yes it’s a good team. No it’s not a reliable counter.


When you say TDS, you say explosions. BTW, your team is my team, only with more Krystenax, and I win again meta with this team only if the stars align right.

To reply to both of your posts:

No, I was not calling you a liar. I was honestly curious as to how you deal with something so many of us seem to find difficult. But, since your paranoia has led you in a diffent direction, feel free to enjoy the view.

And the reason you were hearing crickets in because unlike some, I have a real life and don’t need to spend every moment of my time annoying people on an Internet forum.

As you were, men. Carry on.


@Vangor may I remind you you were the first one going off topic?

You keep asking people if they read your post but overlooked the subject of this whole topic and hijacked it since then.

By the way, I don’t have much troubles beating the Kraken teams when I play my main decks either. I have more problems during the wars.
Transforming / destroying greens is often my best move, but when it gives 5 extra turn leading to 30 damage (2 Kraken) and a whole team frozen (Mab), I don’t call that a win either.

Please stay on topic, and take any personal disputes to PMs.


You don’t need my help, you do fine on your own.

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To answer the original question: I think yes, Kraken would still be in meta teams even without the devour effect.

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When I used my Kraken team, I generally don’t cast them :wink: .

So yes Kraken could loose Devour and still be powerful. Maybe switch 40% Devour to 40% Submerge :stuck_out_tongue: .


I read your post. You have a KrystenaxX2 - Dragon Soul - Sylvanimora team. Two of your four troops are exploders. I understand that KrystenaxX2 takes away green and purple from the board, at a high price if I may add. I can ever understand you use Sylvanimora for his webbing trait and never set him off - which would cause a stripe explosion. But TDS has to be there for a reason. My reason for using Dragon Soul is exploding the board and feeding his fellow dragons. Also pain and sorrow for all enemies. Also souls, but it’s irrelevant here. What do you use TDS for, if not exploding and feeding the Krystenax?