Gob Chomper has no teeth


Gob chomper is suppose to have 40% chance of devouring Marauders but I have been finding that match after goblin match he is not firing after 5 and 6 tries - by which time it is game over since he only hits for 12 normally - not much against a 50+ gobbly - and the tanked glade warden is history by that time too. I am resigning matches that I would have won with, say, a dragon team which I was relieved not have to use against gobs st last but now I’m considering ditching the chomper as he is so unreliable. Any one else using him finding it too frustrating?


Did you use him properly? You know you have to sing the goblachompa song and do the chompychumpy wiggle everytime before you hit that button, right? Otherwise youre risking that the great and almighty Goblach, patron of all the goblin eating will curse you with bad luck…


Odds are the same for each turn. That 40% isn’t cumulative, it doesn’t get better after each attack. It’s always 40% that it will hit, which means there’s a 60% chance it will miss every time.


I had a couple of matches where it didnt proc at all. You got to remember the goblin rocket is not a marauder though, so maybe your memory isnt quite right about the numbers there. I still use him vs goblin teams. But I guess it only works with fully traited (start with full mana) mythic gobchompers and you still need some luck. I use 2x gobchomper + acolyte + valkyrie, orc-banner for brown and red. You can fire off both gobchompers at the start of the battle which for me, in most cases has devoured at least one of them pesky goblins right away.


Ahhh…I see …60% gumminess per turn is quite tragic lol.
I’m the chompychumpy wiggle gueen I’ll have you know
Yes I am aware that the goblin rocket is a construct - thanks! btw my chomper is fully traited legendary - not quite mythic yet.


@esslee - I’ve been using Glade Warden, Gobchomper, Skeleton, and Deep Borer. It’ been working pretty well so far.


I’ll give that build a whirl. My most recent is Glade Warden,Chomper, Deep Borer and 3 trait Star Gazer who starts full and pumps up Glade for one hit skull matches.
I’ve become so weary of constant Skeleton/Dragon teams (90% revenge are these) and having to combat with same that I’d hoped to use totally different troops for a change.


Hmm this topic isnt showing on the forum listing unless I do a search. Lets see if a post reactivates it.

Lvl 200 vs a lvl 1000 is just dumb

I used Chomper successfully for a couple of days, and then suddenly yesterday I had at least four matches in which I fired him and no chomping occurred. Unfortunately the enemy was very lucky with drop after drop of combo’s and skulls and what not, so I lost at least two of those battles. And this is not a matter of my memory only remembering things not going in my favour.


did you silence this as well? @esslee :smiley:


In my opinion, a whole lot of luck based spell like this one should have the same system League Of Legend uses for critical strikes :

You try to use it once (40% chances)

  • If it misses, next time you’ll have 60% chances to proc it
  • If it touches, next time you’ll have 20% chances
    (Reseted to 40% at the beginning of every battles)

Has a result, on average, you still have 40% chances, but this is a more reliable 40%, you won’t have lucky or unlucky streak.


That would be much better imo


I like that build - thanks !


@esslee Do you remember where you found arcane venom trait stones for your Stargazer?


Arcane Venom from Zhul’Kari.
I 've just successfully farmed another one for Siren.
Found most success plugging away at challenges in the appropriate Kingdom.


Thanks for the info!