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An interesting combination

As i gradually unlocked all traits of Abhorath and Moloch, i found an interesting combo:


each 4 or 5 gem match weaken all enemy’s troops by 2, each death of enemy’s troops strengthen Abhorath’s all skills by 3; Alchemist’s spell can both charge Moloch and damage enemy, Abhorath can recover himself, Moloch drain enemy’s mana, the process is like mutilating enemy, it’s fun, hahaha.

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by the way, i use +2 red banner.

Sounds nice. My defend team is currently a really nasty troll team.

Jarl Firemantle

What happens if this team gets a match 4-5?

  • A random enemy is poisoned
  • A random enemy burns
  • Celestasia gains Barrier
  • All enemies lose a random stat

Frankly I don’t even have a single trait unlocked, but I’m planning to do so.


On paper it looks nasty, but Poison and Burning are easy to overcome. And losing magic nowadays isn’t the end of the world either, with all the skills being changed to scale off magic. Better include Bone Dragon, its freeze effect is more annoying.

Ow and as viceroy of Zaejin: don’t forget to put in some Goblins :wink:


disabled dragons:

Moloch’s third trait is much better than Venoxia’s and Jarl’s, poison and burn need another turn to take effect, suppression don’t.

I really love Suppression. Moloch is normally on my atack team, when swapped out I so miss it. :slight_smile:

Also look forward to finally see an event to trait up Jarl. Then would probably run 2 of him instead of one – the leadership bonus then applying to both.

Venoxia failed to impress me really, I passed on the recent opportunity. The poison is not that strong with the 40+ life pool and it deals fix 2 damage. Magic only bumps its attack that is not reliable these days to start with and requires taking the fire.

Moloch is a lot of fun to use, but I tend to only keep him in defend teams. The further you go into higher levels the more stats everything has causing Moloch to take longer to be effective. Having 3-4 cursed troops on a team also tends to be just as effective as a single Moloch due to the initial burst it has from the start. I have a couple different builds with Moloch, but none of them I ever use unless I just want to mess around.

Jarl Firemantle *** or Mercy ***
Moloch ***
Moloch ***
Moloch ***
Fun to watch 3x suppression. xD

Orion ***
Psion ***
Moloch ***
Alchemist ***
3x silence immune with a lot of true damage and mana drain.

And the following 2 for defend teams:

Celestasia ***
Venoxia ***
Jarl Firemantle ***
Moloch ***

Gorgotha ***
Inferno King ***
Moloch ***
Mercy ***
This last one I do tend to use as my defend team in occasional rotation with a few others. It is pretty weak in this current version because a Gorgotha or Inferno King summon does more harm than good, but the team will be quite effective whenever the devs rebalance summons.

Alas @Pasa it does not. It triggers only on the Jarl in the first position when the match loads.

Jarl’s Huge and Burning are really great, but if we could multi-dip Leader, he’d see even more use.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. But my defend team doesn’t really matter, since I refuse to get Level 10 Kingdoms (I’m a Crazy Underdog, that’s why ;))

And @Royalty No Goblins. There are already enough of them in this world.

same 2 kingdoms at level 9. no level 10 kingdoms.

Um mm you lost me here. What does this even mean?

kingdom level 10 effects your troops even if you place them to defend in pvp. Those with level 10 kingdoms have an advantage over those who do not have level 10 kingdoms.

Yes, certainly, the Kingdom Bonus that kicks in when a given city is at max level. But well, my question is: Why would @CSZ REFUSE to get Level 10 Kingdoms?

I don’t know about him but i don’t get level 10 kingdoms cause i read that it makes the game harder to play. Whether this is just an unconfirmed rumor or actual fact i do not know but i am not going to risk it at all. Or he likes to be an under-doge

Level 10 kingdoms make the game easier to play. Not sure where you’re getting your information from…


Between skill bonuses and gold bonuses - level those kingdoms. You won’t regret it.


If you’re not working to gain souls, level kingdoms, and then gain power levels for those kingdoms; you aren’t playing this game correctly.

Oh was that the reason @killerman3333?

The devs will tell you that the game scales up enemy difficulty according to your level (and troops and traits presumably). This is why I went and tackled Sheggra in Broken Spire right away before reaching Level 25 on iOS.

When I had the misfortune of trying to take on Sheggra at Level 45 on console, that particular boss game was murder and I went up six levels while attempting that one task.

I suppose I could go and attempt the battle with Mega Gorgotha. But I would like to know whether completing THAT battle might increase overall game difficulty for me???

Which battles you complete or don’t complete, how traited and leveled your troops are, etc. won’t increase the game difficulty. The only difficulty for quests and challenges is based on your Hero’s level. When you reach endgame, get all kingdoms leveled, and invest in traits, challenges are boringly easy.

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