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Best Khorvash set-up yet

This team set-up has been magic so far
How does it work you may ask?
Well obviously I have Valkyrie to fill in the blue mana for 3 of these troops, my copy of Khorvash has the first two traits unlocked so that makes it a great first troop type of tank, I also cast Abhorath’s spell a couple of times too (just to increase his attack) so when Khorvash gets taken out, 80-90% of time Abhorath will finish off the enemy team for good (due to his increasingly high attack).
As for Death, he doesn’t get much use, I only cast his spell once maybe twice to get a lucky death mark kill.
Not only is this the greatest Khorvash set-up yet, it’s also my favorite Valk set-up too.

Abhorath is a total miss. Both second EK, Crimson, or maybe even mab fit there much better.


Khorvash, Valk, Bat and Mercy is better and Abhorath doesn’t need to be in that team.


Ugh, I think I hit that team earlier today. That was not pleasant…

I have both Crimson Bat and Queen Mab, I gotta try the Crimson one next.

entangle dragon

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This killed me xD

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Get it right, it is salad dragon :wink:

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Entangle dragon sounds so much better than salad dragon! I love it! It’s not like sil van I mora is hard to say!

Your idea made that set-up even better than before, I’ve swap Abhorath with Crimson Bat (while retaining EK, Valk, and Death) and it works perfect!

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You misspelled the second Khorvash in your army:

All fixed now :slight_smile:

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@brandonwiker You know that “double Khorvash” in that configuration, as given, can easily be countered by a single Khorvash slotted in any position, right? =p

And Entangle Dragon is still my all-time fave graphic art for a Dragon in any game :slight_smile:

I’m so sad that I can’t be at home on my console to nab Queen Mab from the current Glacial Peaks event. I love her graphic art, too, and don’t have her there.

Lol that’s true, but I don’t seriously use that build. I don’t even double up on Khorvash, period. I just joke about how awesome he is.

are you asking for a defense or invade team?
it makes the difference, team is set differently if it is ment to be controlled by AI

You misspelled misspelled.

Dang I’m terrible. Autocorrect has spoiled me so.