Building team around Emperor Khorvash


I finally got some legends on my deck, one of which was the legendary cheese, Emperor Khorvash. So I was wondering which other units to take with him. I am looking for a more low-level/pre-level 100/no legend-focus build. I got Valkyrie, but is she a good choice? And which other two would you recommend?


Apothecary will also feed him brown, if you have another decent unit that uses blue or brown throw these in as well & you’re away.
Forest troll / apothecary / khorvash is always a good mix…
You could also use valk in that build but if you lose khorvash then it’s relatively useless…


Gratz on getting EK - he is very useful - even for end gamers !

A classic EK team is
Queen Mab

I have been playing gow since the beginning of time and still have a slot with this timeless team. Hard to say what to replace Mab with if you have not got her as I dont know what troops you have. Rowanne could work I think.


Sea Troll

Two ways to feed blue with no overlap between them, two good damagers, and Khorvash the only legendary+ in the lot.


If someone doesn’t have Queen Mab, you could slot Azura in there. Just have to do the Merlantis story to pick it up.


Tesla or Crimson Bat
Lion Banner

Fun team. Sylvanimora protects Khorvash, so he last longer.


You can also use Khorvash, Mercy, Valkyrie, Penguin. It slaps pretty hard when there are enough blue gems around.


Guys, I got my first mystic, Jotnar Stormshield, today. Any recommended teamcomp?


If the barrier route is what you want, build him with whitehelm troops. If you wanna go big or go home, then try forest and sea troll together for easier looping with a titan hero or the new epic. On a side note, interesting thread to bring this up. Also, when you can, queen aurora works well with jotnar too and can eat excess green from forest troll.