Need help with a Kraken team

So, I finally got Kraken fully traited and I would like to use him with Khorvash (also fully traited) as they hit the top and bottom two. But, I’m having a little trouble filling in the other two. I only have one Kraken at the moment. I’ve tried using Green Seer, Gorgotha, Dracos, Tesla, Lion Prince, Valk and a few others (most of these are legendary and a few are mythic and several of those are fully traited but not all) however, I still seem to get crushed in PVP. I can’t seem to find a combo that is relatively consistent. I appreciate any suggestions!

If it helps, here are the troops I DO NOT have…

Abynissia, Artema, Behemoth, Carnex, Death, Draakulis, Elemaugrim, Famine, Gard’s Avatar, Garuda, Infernus, Jotnar Stormshield, Ketras the Bull, Pharos-Ra, Plague, Queen Aurora, Dragon Soul, Venoxia, War, Wulfgarok, Yaga’s Hut.

Thank you!

You got mab? She fit well with korvash

I do have Mab, yes. I actually forgot about her. I’ll try it. Thanks!

EK, Valk, Giant Spider, Kraken.


I would use


Riversong team is also a good choice


Is there another troop to fit in the place of Gorgotha. I have all the others fully T.

You can try riversong team i use gorgo cause i like to get a tank in first place

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My suggestion:
Green/purple banner
G. Spider
G. Seer

Focus on filling seer to get the whole thing rolling… Once you get a second kraken ditch the EK and go with
G. Spider
G. Seer

You never have to cast krakens at all just loop spider and seer until tentacles kill everybody! Bwahahahahahahaha😈

Ahem… Sorry i got a bit carried away there


Bruh that’s awesome. Thank you

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Many thanks for all the suggestions! I am trying these out. So far the EK, Valk, Giant Spider and Kraken is working pretty good.


I’m pretty certain I’ve never even used G seer.

I was right


She’s still lvl 1 bro. Good thing I have SOUL

yeah riversong is one of the only people to beat me this week other than M3R, great team for def

Aight my bro @Vangor. Very impressed with the first team so I know the second one is even better. But…do I have twice KrackBoi?. Hold up. Lemme check up

Yes this is why mab is my best friend against these kind of looping team :slight_smile:

Sorry, @A01020201. It wasn’t on purpose. :smile:

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I know the thread is about KrackBoi. But I just pulled Behemoth! Suggestions? Anyone!?

Behemoth? He is useless unless he has his impervious trait and even then only if you domt have a better one with impervious

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So no fun with him then. Ok. How bout Garuda?

So with that KrackBoi team of


I traded out EK for KRYS this also works well.

Green slime always adds to the fun.

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