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Emperor Khorvash

Anyone using Emperor Khorvash in a team, fully traited? How does he feel – is the third trait worth the stones? I’m a few stones short and not sure if I care about grinding him to completion.

Thanks in advance!


Definitely. On an 83 battle undefeated streak with EK.


He seems awesome and @Tacet has been using him with great success so far (on his last stream i watched). I’m on the same boat and didn’t had any success on Broken Spire trying to get Arcane Shield Traitstones. Needing six for the emperor to complete all the traits of the kingdom.
On a side note Stun has a bug that doesn’t prevent traits that triggers on death like Immortal from Infernal King, hopefully this will be adressed soon. :slight_smile:


Only played around for a bit, but this is what I came up with, but no souls/traits to test it (although, I think it would be a bit slow):

Could also switch to EK, Valk, Crimson, Amira to switch from damage to tank (and also speed up Valk), but either way, there’s no empowered mana generators or skull feeders, so it’s slow… :frowning: Idk, maybe I’ll eventually try and work something out with better synergy.

Edit: Crescendo might be a better sub for Amira, but I don’t have it.


I missed Tacet’s stream, what is he tossing out with Khorvash?

For now, I threw together the following and it seems to work well. I am sure there are more efficient approaches.

Sword Banner–Emperor Khorvash, Valkyrie, Herdmaster, Plague

Tacet is using a true damage team. Emperor Khorvash, Valkyrie, Crimson Bat and the hero with Crescendo (sorcerer class)

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Do you remember which banner? I will give this one a go too. This reminds me of some builds from the the old thread ‘crimson bat is back.’ Thank you, Lindoniel.

Also, code not working anymore :baby:

Yellow/Red banner

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I haven’t yet, but I plan on making some new teams based off of the new kingdom next week. I can say though that I’ve faced a few teams with Khorvash on defense and it didn’t do much to slow me down.