Question about Gems of Khorvash

I haven’t played PvP for a bit so sorry it this is old news.

I feel that there need to be another “please Nerf Emperor Khorvash”. My goodness towards the top ranks of PvP that’s all there is.

Either that or they was a secret algorithm in the update that because I missed soo many EK fights in the past the RNG has determined 95% of all my opponents must have EK on their team to be presented as a fight selection. (That goodness I did run into a player running Mechs, I was very happy: bonus stones and something else to battle)

Yes, EK is not that had to beat but its mind numbing and not that interesting…

Has EK gotten a small Nerf in order to increase variety on PC/mobile and the consoles don’t have it applied? or is this Gems of Khorvash?

Could it be that you are seeing so many right now because the Troops of Leonis Empire are getting a boost in this week’s Event under the 2.2 update?

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They did an event to boost Leonis?

That’s just brutally bad. Khorvash is already one of 2 or 3 troops that appear in nearly every PVP battle for most people.

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EK did get a small nerf - you’ll notice he needs 15 mana now, not 14, and he is armored instead of Stoneskin, but with the 25% boost for the weekly event, he’s going to be very popular until at least Sunday.

On PC/Mobile the “nerf” did virtually nothing to decrease his popularity. A lot of people moved him from slot 1 to slot 3 or 4 but they’re still using him because Stun + mana drain + True Damage is ridiculously overpowered.

I’m really pleasantly surprised that they did a custom event for this week and didn’t recycle an old PC event. It’s a little bit of a grab bag in that we’re targeting Mechs, while Leonis and Wildfolk are boosted, but I still appreciate the extra effort.

I have no doubt. It won’t affect my usage of him at all, but I never used him on defence in the first place. A 25% boost to all stats is going to trump any tiny nerf, and the nerf really is small enough that I don’t think it will make much difference on console either.

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Thanks for the responses everyone.

Oh well. I really wish the would have added a little balance tweak to “balance” his usage. Even if they cut his True Damage by half with all his other perks he still would be useful, just not ever present.

To me the logical solution was to cap his mana drain and turn True Damage into 25 regular damage to two targets. He’d still be VERY powerful on offense but not nearly as desirable on defense.


out of every possible nerf i would prefer to cap his mana drain at a fixed number

draining “all” of 2 units is too much still


Yep. Mana Drain is honestly one of the worst abilities in the game. All it does is delay things.

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Btw welcome back @Strat :slight_smile:


I got a better solution to this whole thing. Just wait 'til they have an even better match against him that’s it, because it looks like he’s gonna stay the same. Ain’t no sense on stressing it any longer. Just get used to it honestly. Today it’s the Emperor and tomorrow, trust me, it’ll be another troop. Have fun, enjoy. :sweat_smile::laughing::sunglasses:

Amira is also a event troop this week and now hit over 50 true damage on blue troop :wink:

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I’m not “stressing” the opposite “board” at seeing EK so much. I enjoy some variety.

You might not know but I took a break from PvP a while ago. EK was a little too prevalent back then and now its “tomorrow” or more appropriately a months later and EK is even more common! I’ve even seen a couple of players with x2 EKs.

Hopefully after this event well see a few different troops when the bonus rolls off.

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Thanks for the tip. Yeah, I was going to try and build an anti-EK team with Mantis (for the +5 Glory) for kicks.

I don’t like mantis, yeah he can refill korvash and himself but when korvash die he is useless

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If you find a good one, let me know. I tried some Mantis teams yesterday, but was finding that I pretty much had to never use his spell. Gem spawners are just too random for me. When I cast, it was helping the AI about two thirds of the time and helping me about one third.

With the double bonus this week, Mantis would work as a tank, but I was usually just leaving him charged up and letting the rest of my troops do the heavy lifting. The bonus glory is pretty nice, though.

I might try Khorvash, Manticore, Amira, Mantis tonight. Or Gorgotha, Khorvash, Amira, Mantis. Either of those would shred EK teams quickly and pick up the bonus glory.

You should consider using monk also deal double damage on stunned troop

Monk in place of?

If I’m using Khorvash, I don’t care about regular damage because I want to kill everyone with true damage. Amira will one-shot almost anyone this week, especially with all the blue teams floating around. I’m thinking Gorgotha just for mana collection, and Manticore for mana drain if things start to get out of hand with a Justice or something.