Get match 4 ? Trigger 1 ability or all 4 abilities Trigger?

I.E have four cards each with ability on match 4 i.E. Suppression , aflame , health , poison , etc.
If i get one four match do all the match 4 abilities Trigger from a single match 4?

Indeed they do


Thanks and thumbs up.

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I have been wondering if a team based on a match 4 trait would be interesting. Also, would it make more sense to only take one match 4 trait and have the other three slots be transformers that can loop into each other, or have multiple match 4 traits so you’re less vulnerable to immunity or whatever…

Perhaps the best setup is to have Gorgotha fully traited front as a tank but also a match 4 generator, then two transformers that can loop into each other and finally Moloch. At least, Supression seems to be the most interesting trait and it has no immunities?

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Fighting against a team with 2 fully traited Mabs (freeze random on match 4) is indeed a headache


Tottaly worth it though. I fight mab with goblins for the challenge and i do not back down from a gob-chomper either. Goblins away, talley-ho

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I’m using such a team as my defend team:

Jarl Firemantle

Not really effective and very slow, but it can cause some havoc when it gets a few match-4s.

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Sounds like fun