Opponent triggering traits

Can we get traits that trigger when an opponent matches 4 or 5 gems or gems of certain colour.

Freeze a random enemy when they make a 4x or 5x would be the most annoying thing ever, so I approve of this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just want to make more annoying defense teams?

Definitely seems like a Big/Huge should exist for opponent matches. Stuff like Venomous/Aflame would also make sense. Divine Shield would be super annoying.

Yeah, and add it to Celestasia’s traits. New trait “Super Annoying” - Freeze all enemy troops if they match 4 or 5, and give barrier to all allies. Also silence every enemy troop, and feed self 5 times. -.- Only applicable on pvp-defends.

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Btw, there are already a couple of these, so the precedent is there. Grudge/Inscribed give Atk/Arm when an enemy casts a spell. The latter is part of what makes Golem a very effective defensive tank. There’s also Frenzy that gives Atk when taking damage.

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Hmm, joking aside, I don’t think it’s a good idea - matching 4+ gems is a good play strategy, so it would be punishing a player for playing good. And not for a while - as somewhat Freeze does - but for the whole battle. Or at least until you kill the sonofa… :wink: with this trait.
So a big nononono from me.

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I thought it would be a good idea . match 4 and your team gets moved around. I also thought it would be good against high difficulty pvp matches as the attacker. With combo breaker being off you could really mess with the pc and make it look like an idiot. most traits that i know of that activate on player turn is spell based buffs or skull matching stuff but nothing on match four. I am not saying a troop should freeze , poison, burn but what if it did something less powerful. Say every time 4 gems are matched enemy team loses 1 armour or takes 1 damage. Perhaps match 4 and you lose mana on a troop. Something not over powering but more pesky like frozen is. I am not suggesting something that should be game breaking but something to ease into for the future.

I think it’s a good idea as long as the effect is fairly minor…

Something like Big or Huge on enemy 4- and 5-gem matches would be a neat trait to see. I favor control teams that never let the AI have a turn, and this would act as a minor check on that without being too onerous.

Leech – Gain 1 mana when opponent matches 4 or 5 gems.

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I feel like i opened Pandora’s box and i don’t want to close it. I wonder what the devs thing of this idea? @Sirrian what thoughts run through your head at such an idea? Think a kingdom can be made from this idea?