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There should be a "cleanse ally" trait on 4 or 5 gem matches

If you have lots of cards with traits that give negative effects on enemies, then you should also add cards with a trait that cleanses allies to counter those cards.

Imo, the whole freeze thing ruins the game if it’s being chain casted on you…
So please at least add something to counter it. (and not just immune to freeze, as that is way to limiting).


I like this

Well it wouldn’t be able to counter stun on itself so that would be a problem.

I think that having the anti-stun trait would have to be included on a card with this unique third trait.

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Or you could just consider that stun is a counter to this trait and this would be a counter to stun on any card except itself.

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We can go deeper…

A counter to a counter to a counter? Or a counter to a counter to a counter to a counter?

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I was going to suggest this, then the system showed me this thread.
100% agreed