Suggestion for a trait (cleanse)


How about a troop that can cleanse a random ally on 4/5 times matches?


I love it!!


Let’s do it! This way not every troop has to come with a hodgepodge of immunities


Give me this.


I love it!


I’d be happy with just a troop that is red and can cleanse all other troops. :crossed_fingers:


That would be a great idea for a mythic troop.


This one’s been suggested many times before and is long overdue really…

We get a steady supply of new things to screw over the player and generally make the game less fun to experience and we get far fewer tools to clean off these things…


While you’re at it, make Poison a little stronger.


This thread deserves a bump.
There’s a shen-long dragon like thing upcoming in the next Chinese-themed kingdom.
I could certainly see it as having this sort of passive Cleanse ability.


The February Mythic may address this specific gap.