Plague Doctor - Troop Suggestion

Looking at the various troops I noticed something missing from all of them. The plague doctor is historical figure that would appear to be at home in this game. I came up with some ideas for stats, traits, ability, and other characteristics then made this prototype. Of course it is a work in progress but at least seems interesting. Let me know what you think.


Thanks for doing this. However, sorry, I’m not taken with the idea. The spell is basically the same as Drake Rider. Nothing much new…

Could you do something that cures disease or gets powered up when allies have disease? Or both?

Also making it a Rare troop limits how strong or interesting it can be…

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How about this:

Cleanse an ally and give them 3 health, Disease a random enemy, if the enemy is already Diseased then Death Mark them instead.

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How about: drain (magic+x?) Life from an enemy boosted by Diseased allies (4:1), then Cleanse all allies. 10 mana. May need to step up to Ultra Rare…

Reminds me of the witch doctor