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Trait Idea, Healer

We have a bunch of “on match 4+” traits, freeze, burn, poison, stun, etc… One I think might be useful would be

“Healer: Cleanse a random ally on 4 or 5 gem matches”

Maybe something like this:

Ritualistic Healer
16 all colors: Heal random injured ally


I really like this idea.

yea please! We get troops that deal true damage all the time…yes please!

If they decide Mercy needs Empower removed, I vote to replace it with something like this.

On 4 or 5 gem match heal a random ally for X life would be really cool. Or could make it heal the weakest ally. Maybe that could be a legendary healer.

We have priest that heals troops every turn with (enter gender of hero here)'s third trait. The hero weapon heals and cleanses all allies. A heal on 4 or 5 gem matches should be a legendary trait, also we have auto cleanse on all debuffs except poison so a trait would be kinda like luster.
Soul stealer: when this card inflicts damage heal for that amount. (ratio would be needed.)
Healing aura. On 4 or 5 gem matches each ally gets 2 health.
Healing stones: on yellow gem matches heal a random ally. (shoutout to the imps)
Holy ground. This card gains life when an ally dies. (sacrifice counts)

Yes but just because it’s on a hero doesn’t mean it can’t be on a troop. And I did mention it should be a legendary if it heals :slight_smile:

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I love this idea. Let’s make it happen. :wink:

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I like Killerman idea on +4 matches heal 2pts. This would need to be balanced though either only on self or another defined troop, like heal the first troop for 2pts.

If it was heal the weakest or all etc there is the potential for a full team heal with enough looping! But I guess this is possible with mercy and Valkyrie if you get lucky with yellow/purple lining up after a Valkyrie cast. Still need that to happen four plus times in a row so improbable.

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+4 match heal a random ally for 2pts.
+5 match heal all allies for 2pts.


We need a druid character to whisper “MOTW” to as well.

Soothsayer has the right idea in terms of visual.

Another thought, a version of Celestasia’s legendary trait, but instead of gaining barrier on match 4+, gain barrier when Opponent matches 4+.

More strategy: Do I take the match and give my opponent barrier, or do I cast my spell now and let him get the extra turn…

Would open the door for other types of traits that are aimed at loop/control builds.

This is a great idea.

This would be a major pain if the opponent had celestasia in the same line up. Either way one of them gets barrier. Evil and intriguing.