Serious brainstorming for new troops

Hi all,


Yesterday I saw this threat, and it put me on thinking…
I can imagine that every week/month come up with a descend/ good/ worthy troop can be not that easy as it looks.

The makers of this game try to make different troops and try to not make copies of other troops already in game.
We are the gamers who must play with the troops and sometimes we not happy with troops or its to weak or OP or has to much ??? to make clear what you have on the troop!

I thought maybe we can make a serious place for input what new troops related to rarity must have in their spell, traits to make it as player attracting to play with it!

Think both sides have benefit by this idea, for the makers an easier way to know what their customers want and for us to get the chance on better balanced troops.
But then must it be taken real serious to come with good suggestions for new troops, so we can make a chance to be taken serious by the Dev’s!

What about an autism acceptance troop can be a mythic troop that comes around on autism acceptance day. Theres soo many different types of holidays to pick for cool troops to be made.

How about a new godslayer troop that does true damage instead of regular damage? Just a thought because it seems like all the godslayers do pretty much the same thing so i think a true damage one would shake things up a bit

Hi @SilverStream,

Worldwide has every day become a special day :wink:
Acceptance autism 365 days a year like very much other form of disorder/ handicap or invisible illness :wink:
But tbh every week, month there come new troops, of all rarities.
So ofcourse welcome but my point was what has a new troop have for spell, traits so that the dev"s can see what the players want to see in the troops where they play with!

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Hi @Tigress

That like me a real good, new aspect for a new Godslayer :star_struck:

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