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Defense teams that say the waters warm come on in

I’m trying to make a defensive team that looks like a pushover but when your in the ring you realize oh --it this isn’t going to be easy. My team right now is deep borer rock worm autumnal imp and acolyte. Reminder that this isn’t about power house defense teams but tricky ones.

the key is high rng, but big payoff troops.

things like Jarl, Courage, Rock Wurm, etc.

Also a few empowered troops (not mercy, too easy to counter or use to opponents advantage).

I have jarl. Just need to triple trait him for best efforts;). Thanks for the reply

Mushroom x3 full traits
giant spider full traits

I do get wins, mostly i am laughing when i do.

Any obscrure (rarely seen) card that has total board control combined with true damage will pop peoples heads. Or cards that are obnoxious in terms of durabillity because the longer a match takes the more tired someone will become and make more mistakes, i can know… last time i had to fight against a freaking goblin king with only an alastair left where goblin king had 100hp at the point of 1v1 it took me 20 mins to take him down and i almost just quit the match as it didnt feel rendable.

In higher ranges it seems players base their sur options on time rendability so thats pretty much your best bet.
(which is why im using naga queen + andariel atm to make a new team ill put as def when its done but need a card for it that wont drop so far)


Thanks for the information. I’ll give your idea a try for a week and compare with what I’ve done in the past. :grin: