Good teams for winning defense?


I’ve been playing for a bit and I have had almost no success with any defense teams. Revenges are kind of tedious and I’d like to get a better defense team going–I just fully traited up a Centaur but it seems I can’t depend on the AI to intelligently handle Centaur Scout / Skeleton / Skeleton / Green Slime for me.

Any thoughts?


I am running this team as my defenders.

Reaver 1 trait
Skeleton 2 traits (x2)
Giant Spider 1 trait

My guess is that I’m about 50-60% win rate but haven’t tried to keep track.


depends on the level of your account my smaller account has a 5 color goblin team that lost 2 outta my first 30 defenses.I since took that down since the gold gain from revenges is a lot better. my phone(lvl 21-no traits) account uses goblin, hob goblin, king goblin, and beast riding goblin(sorry phones charging and don’t recall all names). MY main account pc(lvl 199) uses Luther 1 trait, valk 2 traits, goblin 1 trait and hero with the blue purple sword. But again it depends on masteries, leveled ascended traited.


Synergy, did you know that you can sync your accounts between PC and phone, so both devices play with the preferred account (presumably your higher-level account)?


People tend to leave when they are loosing an invade, so you don’t have your defense win records…


well pc is a steam account and phone is non steam not sure that makes a difference, but its only a minor thing.


I think goblin teams would be best lower level. Higher having stoneskin really helps. I win 50 percent with a smart team I’m sure the AI can’t leverage but hoping provides enjoyment.