Goblin Team for PVP


I need goblin team for PVP.


This one worked very well for me


Thanks for your build. I have 12300 soul and I want to goblin team. My all goblins level is 1. I want to spend all souls to these goblins for max level. Is it worth it? Goblin teams are good for PvP?


When I first started playing pvp my Goblin team got me a lot of wins so yes.
If you like I can send you my Knight team as well, they are very strong in pvp and took me a long way. I still use them now and then.

You need to trait them as well

Understood. I will spend my souls for goblins.

Please share your knight team.


Sorry, did not see this sooner.
Knight Coronet is one of the best tanks in the game and will serve you very well until you get and trait Korvash.
With all teams it takes effective strategy which you learn over time. Don’t cast Dark Master until you lose a troop or he has enough attack to kill one.

If you need more help with team building pm me, then I won’t miss your message.