Moloch's Suppression Trait totally working fine (Disregard)

I just finished saving for Moloch’s final trait, Suppression, and it does not appear to be functioning. I’ve tried sample teams using a single copy of Moloch, even multiple copies, and I can’t seem to find a circumstance of the trait triggering in either challenges or PvP. I’ve seen the AI take multiple 4-5 matches with no results. Fire link works for sure, not sure about the burning trait, but it’s Suppression I’m most concerned with.

Can anyone else confirm this for console versions?

EDIT: Turns out I was clearly misunderstanding the spell – my matches, not my enemies’. Thank you @DonBoba

I hope this isn’t the case, I have been trying to get moloch forever, and spent a ton of glory to be able to trait him up immediately when I get him. The whole reason I WANTED moloch was for his suppression trait.

Suppression activities on your 4-5 matches, not on opponents.

I use
Gob rocket
Most of the time. Works without problems :smiley:

Bah…rookie mistake. Thanks for clarifying, I feel silly now.