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Other teams that need synergy vs. Goblins

To continue the conversation from the other thread without completely hijacking that thread:

Goblins have great synergy, the general consensus is that they may or may not need done rebalancing, but that their inherent synergy is what makes them so likeable.

Other teams also have decent synergy, wildfolk and fey, although not quite as good.

If they were going to improve the base set of troop that exist to enhance synergy what would you like to see?

It has been mentioned that elves or dark elves could benefit from some extra turns (not as many as goblins) that instead of inflicting damage inflict status effects, I think this could work and giving the elves hunters mark effects makes a lot of thematic sense.

What else could change with the existing teams for better synergy?


I would love to see Mist of Scales get a more fully-realized treatment of the poison stuff it has going on. Right now it’s probably the worst of all Kingdoms yet it’s pretty close to having cool synergy around poison.

Poison Master poisons a unit with his skill and with skull damage via his 3rd trait. Scale Guard’s spell and 3rd trait do extra damage to poisoned units. Marsh Raptor’s 3rd trait does extra damage to poisoned units. Lamia does poison with skull damage via her 2nd trait. Venoxia’s 3rd trait poisons on gem matches.

Yet it never really comes together. Not enough opportunities to poison, not tanky enough to watch the poison do its thing, the Link traits aren’t a great fit, too much mix in troop types, etc.

Not sure if there’s a clear solution but it feels like a close-but-not-quite situation. Maybe Poison Master poisons more than one troop? Maybe some of them do double skull damage to a poisoned troop? Maybe Marsh Raptor and/or Venoxia’s spells do more damage to poisoned troops? Maybe some of the traits are altered slightly so the colors make a little more sense? Maybe some of the troop types are changed so there’s more similarity?


The whitehelm team i run has decent and often obscene synergy but the thing it it is kinda like one-shot paladin. The team covers all colours and although i use tyri over paladin it works for what it is supposed to do (get me maps)

Just to be clear, what exactly [I]is[/I] the synergy in goblin teams?

Excellent color spread, a gen creator for their color, a similarity in theme that works well.

Goblin shaman feeds green troops, which leads to casting hobgoblin and boar rider, and goblin. Rocket goblin feeds all the other troops. Each one gains an extra turn so there is safety in casting the spells with little recourse and the colour spread covers 5 out of 6 colours.

The game still has two gem colours without a universal Gem transformer, one of which is brown, and i think that would be a very fitting theme for dwarven miner.
Let’s be real his gold theme is a fun touch, but won’t get anyone playing him because of the gold cap, if anything it should be a small side effect, similar to the smaller side effects of other universal transformers.
A universal brown gem transformer will be introduced anyway eventually, why not make the dwarven miner it, a troop that is not used at all right now, it would be very fitting both in theme and playstyle for dwarves and add potential synergy.


I’d add strong team bonuses thanks to the fact that they’re all in one kingdom and almost all of one troop type, great synergy among traits, multiple troops with board control + extra turns that make board control super safe, etc.

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Excellent idea!

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Yes! This! The other teams need to be able to capitalize on team bonus better. Goblins are one of the only teams that can use enough troops to capitalize on this! Plus the marauder bonus!

Dwarves should be able to get the dwarf and khaziel bonus, but can’t because the weak link in their lineup is TOO weak.


Yeah, many are okay but there isn’t enough synergy within the kingdom to make a team viable. The only ones that come to mind are the Marauders of Zaejin and the Giants of Stormheim.

It also makes me really sad that Templar is a Knight and not Divine. Really holds back the Divines of Whitehelm and a Paladin-focused team.


Still use him in a whitehelm team. If they changed him to divine i think we would hear nerf divine teams.

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A team of them is a glorified band of huge punching bags. They tend to stand in each others way mana-wise and don’t really synergize well with each other aside from Jarl being our lord and savior and just being an excellent feeder to any troop that uses red or yellow.

Giants cover all colours and the only colour stepping i notice is blue and brown. The bonuses for using them is
King of spire +6 life, +2 attack
Giant general +2 attack, +4 life
I would advise using the hero as a giant though as two giants cover 5 colours. Stone giant and gobchomper. Only colour not covered by these two is purple.Which ettin uses to buff up his attack.

Yeah that’s not Stormheim Giants though.

Another one that’s close-but-not-quite is Adana. The introduction of the Mechanist class plus the Sparkgrinder + Carnex combo makes it seemingly attractive but it’s not quite there.

A few problems that stand out:

  1. The Mechanist class bonus is for Brown, but there aren’t a lot of brown-based weapons the synergize well. The most obvious one to use is Golden Cog to make Carnex a beast, but its R/Y. The class weapon doesn’t have any synergy either. Which just leaves Anvil of Might (R/Br) or Prismatic (All). The 2nd trait is mostly worthless (and really should be Fire Link). I’m hoping the Legendary Trait does something cool in terms of synergy but we’ll see.
  2. Very poor colors in that it’s a lot of duplicates and especially a lot of Red. Carnex is R/P, Sparkgrinder is R/Y, & Tankbot is R/Br. Cog is R/Y and Anvil is R/Br. So your 4-troop team is definitely 3x Red, 1x Purple, 1x Yellow, 1x Br. Then you either have to pick more Red, plus one of two colors you already have and thus have no Bl or Gr, or you have to go Prismatic to cover Bl & Gr. This would help a little if one or two of the troops had Fire Link, but they don’t.
  3. Lastly, Carnex needs a some design work. First, its skill only gives 3 armor, which is super low given end-game stats. Scaling with magic, or a significantly higher amount seems fair. Second, the 3rd trait gives bonus skull damage yet its skill explodes skulls. This also limits the handiness of Sparkgrinder buffing the crap out of Carnex’s Attack since Carnex is always clearing skulls. It’s anti-synergy. What Carnex’s 3rd trait should really do is something like Gloom Leaf’s trait where any time Carnex is damage it deals back 25/50% of Carnex’s armor in damage.

Again, wouldn’t take a lot to make a really cool, unique, and fun team: Mechanist class gets Fire Link for 2nd trait and something synergistic with 3rd trait. Ideally Fire Link swapped out for Sparkgrinder’s or Flame Cannon’s 1st trait as well. Buff to Carnex’s skill and 3rd trait.


This is very true. Giants are terrible outside of broken spire. I don’t think players typically play stormhiem giants with their poor bonus of 12 health and 1 attack.

I think one of the things that makes goblins so powerful and sinners I so well is that a full team of them gets both the goblin Marauder and the zaejin City bonus.

This is perfectly fine and makes a lot of sense, and I think a lot more of the parties out there need to be able to have teams that can get both of those bonuses fully.

I found one with giants and broken spire that uses 6 colors. Full team bonuses for the place and the type. i am checking other places too.

Yeah, I’m not saying Stormheim Giants is as amazing as goblins, but it’s pretty good and definitely the right idea.

Jarl + Frost Giant + Berserker + Zephyros = +18 life and +2 attack for Stormheim + Giants + 2 Giant bonds, plus they have high base life totals, which makes them really tanky (HP in 50s). There’s also a Huge and 2 Bigs in the traits. Berserker can become a beast since all the life bonuses and his 3rd trait offset the weakness to his otherwise very strong spell. Zephyros’ spell gives some board control and has some synergy with Jarl, plus the ratio is crazy (3x !). And Frost Giant has Freeze, which can be very handy. Then there’s Jarl, who is all-around amazing. Plus they give you a good variety of Attack and Spell options for dealing damage so it isn’t entirely dependent on one troop making the whole thing work.

Yes, it’s a lot of Bl and you get no P or G, so the colors are definitely an issue. Jarl is such a good feeder though that himself, Berserker, and Zephyros can still do well. A slight change in colors and this team would be crazy strong. Frost Giant and Berserker to Bl/P and Bl/G would be all it would take.

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