Amanithrax Faction Nonsense Again

Every time a faction returns I will return to the forum. Be reasonable , be sensible, let us buy into where we got last time we played a faction. We keep repeating this request. You keep giving the deaf ear. Yet players will feed you gems; players will feed you cash; if you let us buy into where we got to. I will never restart Amanithrax or any other faction from level 20 when I am already over level 200. We are not idiots. Yet you keep treating us like we are. There is no incentive if a faction is not completed in a single insane run; the current approach of giving only 24 hours restarting from level 20 is highly unhealthy and shame on you for encouraging it. Let us buy into with gems where we got to. Obviously too hard. Might be too hard to keep playing. Sorry about food on your table but you don’t deserve it; you don’t respect your player base. Get it right ; get it right, its as simple as paying gems to opt in at various points. Even lots of gems. Your eyes should light up. You win- get gems, get cash. The player wins, they progress from where they currently are. The current situation is arrant gaming nonsense. An Amanithrax plague on your game unless you fix it.


I look forward to the day both of you quit. Least then we won’t have to put up with both of these ridiculous posts.


Maybe this isn’t helpful.

… wow

im going to just throw this out there… Amanithrax lvl500 pure faction can be done at lvl100 hoard without potions… its really the lowest of factions to ever have any complaints about.


This. It can be a little bit of a pain because of the number of rooms you have to go through especially if one of them is the tidal affix, but you should be able to pull this one off with hoard level 120-125 or less even if your guild doesn’t get the extra stats from epic tasks. Other delves I can understand people’s complaints. Not this one though.

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Rubbish. Maybe before the additional legendary battle was added. Try it now…you won’t get past room 2

It’s been done within the last two months.

There are easier factions in my opinion, but the idea that getting past room 2 of Amanithrax is impossible with a low hoard is laughable.

And neither of the V rooms need to be done to clear the faction, by the way. Only have to beat the I, II, III, and II in this picture:

So that complaint is only valid if you’re planning to full clear every run during the Tuesday event to buy the fewest potions/sigils possible, but by then you should have so many bonus stats it shouldn’t even matter AND it’s a terrible faction to spend gems on in that way because it’s easy enough to be done potionless.


I beat it, without potions with hoard 122 kingdom 13 (not even 50% bonus), just a few months ago. It is not difficult. Simply requires some 4-matches to get Truffle’s disease going, to increase converted gems.

All Seeing eye is the easiest, no? That team has decent synergy. Truffle simply loops em to death, but no real synergy amongst the troops.

Hopefully I get an orb of wisdom from Tower of Doom so I can get that third trait on Gobtruffle

All-Seeing, I think, has great synergy, but that can make it tough in the final room where they out-stat. So in my opinion it’s about on-par with Amanithrax.

For me the easiest few are: Mirrored Halls, Deep Hive, Depths of Sin.

Then I’d say Amanithrax and Silver Necropolis are just slightly harder. Maybe toss Fell Roost and All-Seeing in this “tier,” if not the next.

Then (if not above) All-Seeing Eye, Fell Roost, Primal Rift, Hall of Guardians, and Wild Court (in no particular order) are all next, I think, at about an equal level of difficulty.

Stonesong Eyrie and Crypt Keepers are wild cards because, with luck, they can be incredibly simple, so I’m not sure where to rank them.

I don’t have any others done, so for me those are the hard ones to do potionless with low hoards. And I spend my sigils trying most days, so it’s not for lack of effort that they’re all sitting at around 2200 renown at the moment.

Crypt Keepers wasn’t bad. Stonesong sucked - final fight took me 40 minutes. Think someone spent 5 hours on it in another thread.

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Yeah, that was me being hard-headed :joy:


ive watched several people stream it live with 100 hoard after the change and win. Vanyel is 100% right about the tidal affix, have to watch for that still.

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Hope the devs ban you from forums :sleeping:

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I’ve tried every line up that has been suggested and never got past room 2. GT is too slow and doesn’t loop in every attempt I’ve made. I don’t have any nysha medals which might help so it’s just a pure headache cos it’s way too many fights for a full tuesday completion. Those who say crypt keepers is easy are forgetting how lucky they had to be with LM to succeed. Another rubbish faction but at least you know there is no point raising your horde above 10/100.

I’d actually rate Wild Court by far the easiest. Wild Knight is so crazy strong, you can win level 500 with that single troop alone, no need for a team.

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I beat it with Hoard at 144 and three Nysha Medals (I farmed the meals btw)

Kingdom was level 14 (it’s a good kingdom to level because of Goblin team bonus)


  • Fill all your gob truffles before you cast them
  • Cast them from the bottom up.
  • Do your research before you complain on the forum something is not do-able :slight_smile:

I’m curious about that part. Wouldn’t it be better to cast top to bottom, so mana pools in the top troop instead of getting distributed between all troops?


This was the first faction I beat with the faction team at 500, and I agree it’s one of the easier ones, but I wasn’t sure if that was only because I spent more on my hoard there than I ever had anywhere else (by 50ish levels or so—not insignificant).

In other words: I’d say grouping it with the easiest after Mirrored Halls is acceptable, if you’ll excuse my personal biases :wink: