500 faction team delve needs to be fixed

Let’s get one thing clear. This is not a fun “challenge” for 98% of the players. And it was never a big deal, but now it’s (indirectly) a requirement for powering up kingdoms.

Currently, the only realistic strategy is to wait until a faction goes into a daily challenge, spend a hojillion gems, and then grind through 500 levels in one day.

I’m not against the needing to spend gems to get it done, but there’s no way should anyone be expected to have to sit and grind through 500 delves in one day in order to accomplish this.

Let’s offer some sort of buyable gem boost within the delves please.

Edit: Because it might not be clear, I mean the “faction team only” challenge.


Yes, please!


Just put a gem fee to skip a level.
Only during event draw a button under the level picking menu that simply “slide to the right” of one level.
Don’t give any resource or renown, just let picking the next level; if won give appropriate winning prize, otherwise restart from the beginning of the process.

If I want to skip mid levels because of time, let me pay gems for that.
I’ll give a shot at high level and if I fail I lose my gems, otherwise I saved a lot of time and could aim for more.

Tuesday’s events are not affordable not because of gems but because of TIME.


That doesn’t help the Faction only challenge though, unless you also pay for the potions AND wait for the right week for your delve attempt.

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It’s been suggested elsewhere, but faction events should give the option to start at the highest level already beaten for that faction.


Wait, 2% think this is a fun challenge? Something’s terribly wrong here, it should be way less than that.


Amen to this!

Attaining pure faction 500 wins is an unreasonable task for most factions. It includes a ridiculous time sink AND gem sink. Don’t make me pay a crazy amount of gems while also asking me to play the mode all day in “hopes” that RNG will be on my side for the win.


Honestly, somehow I have found myself having fun doing the 500lvl pure faction delves. … But only in the last winning run :D.

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Yeah, wait and see how fun it is to run pure lvl 500 Amanithrax delves for a month! With Gobtruffle, the king of looping. 2 of them, to be more precise. Who would almost NEVER loop! In a whole month of daily delves I barely got to the final battle 5 times, and won it on the edge as well.

This is with Hoard lvl 221 and Zae’Jin at lvl 14. Not that the hoard has a major impact, as the drops were always screwing me. Basically I could not cast anything, while the AI would get chain drops…


If I spend 2500 gems a week to max out each delve rep, and they flippantly release some mechanic that allows people to finish them all easily, I would not be pleased.

That would be changing the rules of the game after it has begun, and until today, it was something I thought Infinity+2 would not do.

This. So much this. Pay the gem fee for potions and boosts ONCE and to be sure you have enough sigils to complete.


Devs have stated from the beginning that potions weren’t meant to be the solution to making pure factions do-able, and that they were still working on balancing solutions. Whether the wait is “worth it”, or the trust in the Devs to deliver is present, is up to individual players.

But it wouldn’t really be “flippant” of them to finally make good on the promise those who have been patient enough not to spend gems have been waiting for all this time :man_shrugging:


Well, if they really want a solution: Make a medal that adds +100% to all damage done with faction troops while attacking delves, and have the percentage either scale with your total delve rep, or give you a medal every 12k reputation or so.

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A suggestion. There is an alternative to the one day grind to complete the pure faction challenge. Increase the hoard level of the faction to ridiculous heights and do it in daily delves. It may take multiple attempts, but that’s a healthy enough way to do it. Lots of people do it (I’m seeing it happening, in my guild alliance) in daily delves. One day faction assault is certainly not a mandatory thing to do.


Yes but many guilds have increased gold reqs due to ETs so players don’t have the residual gold to invest in horde level. Plus there’s the cost of boosting kingdoms. It all adds up and thus I cannot make your solution work for me.


Gold is a long, loooong grind, agreed, and it’s even one limited by how many treasures a person has available to invest in the first place.


There should be a simpler solution. New Delve Medals that enable you to do 160% more skull and spell damage. Medals that practically count as if you are using the faction team, etc. The solution is much simpler how to fix and make Delves more attractive, but for that, I’ll need to post in more detail in the Suggestion section.


Devs are in no desperate hurry to make pure Faction runs easier because they can see that a lot of players are throwing millions of gold into hoard levels to do them without potions.


Tbh and I’m aware devs have been known to use forum info against us, gold is a complete none issue. It can be replenished.

As I’ve posted in the tips thread I’m only doing delves without potions. No taking a faction to 500 in an event and then doing the faction there, and then doing it again without potions. That’s easy, you have the shards in abundance.

Doing it my way is tough due to the scarcity of treasures to raise hoard to deal with the faction team. It’s simply impossible without complete dedication over months to have enough treasures from shards to raise hoards because you don’t gain anything from failing the delve and the odds on good treasures are right around the level of pulling leggies and mythics etc.

About the time of Werewoods was where I ran into a brick wall. Frostfire Keep needed a 240 hoard and it took all my treasures. I played the Werewoods event but it was so frustrating and gamed and I hadn’t the time, that I couldn’t go beyond 210 normally. I started getting behind the 8 ball at this point, with ever diminishing returns on shards.

This continued with Lyrazsa’s Lair which went to 210 for the same reasons.

Fang Moor perpetuated the problem due to so many lost attempts trying to beat it. I copped a break with Deep Hive being able to clear it without raising hoard at all, but I was still struggling with shards and treasures.

Fang Moor took a 292 hoard and was finally cleared just before Depths of Sin - but when doing the event I had insufficient shards to mythic all troops! So although that was done a week later without raising hoard past 111, I had to blue orb one of the troops… I even bought a Tier 7 I think in the event to get as many shards as possible.

Now I picked up a bit levelling all rooms in Depths of Sin and raising Werewoods to the point that after doing Depths of Sin, I can try F500 with Sunken Fleet. However I’ve again run out of treasures at 155 hoard…,

I’ve still got the mare of Warrens, Werewoods, Lair and Sea of Sorrow to do.

Long post but this is what devs intend, they have promised improvements to faction delving but it’s not happening. Its not happening because they struck gold with potion and income generated.

Factions have gotten harder too. Yes, we’ve had hoard boosts, and medals, but we have also had joke troops, teams where there’s no possible strategy, RNG based gimmick factions , impossible without burgeoning hoards… The record without potions for Sea of Sorrow is (without checking) around 470 true hoard…Designed to fail basically.

No amount of complaining or suggestions has made one blind bit of difference.

However if tied to a way of generating income for the devs I could see a way.

I would like to see newer factions have synergy - it’s great when you can work out a method and I’d like to see an increase in daily delves, to 1 or 2 extra on Saturday and Sunday (for a gem cost like daily adventure), events being scaled down maybe a 3rd as long proportionally in time and gem cost as now and Tuesdays event maybe scaled at 1/6 of the proportional cost.

If we do get any faction bonus then the medal idea is great. Maybe a Tier 7 or 3 in the world event gets 1 medal that gives 16 life, 16 armour, 8 attack and 6 magic, 25% chance of cleanse and 25% mana start in delve use only. Cannot be used in delve events, daily delve only, can’t have more than one per world event. Can get another next event.

In the meantime… :grinning:

I admire your approach but as you pointed out, treasures are the issue when doing delves outside the event. Personally I would rather spend 3k gems or so and grind for 3 days a month than spend 100s of millions of gold which I can use to help the guild. I can afford the gems but lesser so, the gold and even if I did have the gold then I wouldn’t have the treasures to make it work out. I would rather do 3 days a month and forget about delves for the remainder of the month than torture myself on a daily basis trying it your way. My average horde is 103 and renown is over 45K so I won’t be falling for the gold sink trap that factions were designed to be. There’s simply no need to make colossal gold investment.