500 faction team delve needs to be fixed

Just here to point out, I have been complaining about this constantly since delves were released, before potions I started complaining.

Towards the end of 2020 they are meant to release a delve pure faction adjustment of some kind to make pure faction runs a bit easier.

We have no idea what form it will take, or exactly when, but all we know is its coming.

The delves are doable without potions, but they take a lot of resources and time to complete. I just finished Dark Pits with 287 hoard, which I was pet blocked on that kingdom and was only reason I pushed that hard to beat it.


This topic has come up quit a bit. Im on the other side of the coin. The game needs something that can only be completed by 1% of the player base besides B1 GWs. I think delves are currently too easy and was dissapointed that they added potions… Now anyone can complete all delves…


The difference is, Kingdom progression is completely unaffected by Guild Wars.
You can’t say the same about delves.


For me, GW affect kingdom progression. If you are playing this game for less then 2 year and don’t spend blue orbs to put the GW troops to mythic, so you are stuck.

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For now. Given enough time, all kingdoms will be able to pass all the pet hurdles to get to Power 20 without needing to compete any PF 500 run. However, there are still well over a year’s worth of pets left to release before all of the non-cosmetic pets have been released. That’s a long time to players to keep on patiently waiting.

Not sure why you think the 1% can do this easier. I have every kingdom troop maxed out and Zuul as well, but none of that helps on the faction team only event.

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I realy like this idea.
To make things not easy, medals should be like:

All The All Seeing Eye troops do 160% more skull and magic damage when delving in The All Seeing Eye.

So there would be dedicated medal for each delve, and medal would boost troops only in their delve. To makes things more challenging tokens for this medal should drop from The All Seeing Eye portal (with chance of getting one similiar to Sacred Tresure) - this would make medal hunting a real shard sink and would be alternative to sinking gold into hoard.
Plus medals, that you would no longer need, could be spent on improving units.

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Even if a select few players have managed to complete certain Faction 500 runs with raised Hoard levels, the recurring theme of their reports in the strategies thread (from what I’ve gathered, and for the difficult ones, Fang Moor, Warrens, Dark Pits, etc.) has been, “I banged my head against this for several weeks and then one day got lucky. I mean, sure, there are elements of strategy to improve one’s chances, but the difference between the successful run and most of my others was just pure, dumb luck.”

I think maybe it’s just another one of those things they forgot was tied to rewards, game progression and power levels, etc. (or maybe 505 asked what the point was if it wasn’t, bcuz smrt). It’s not unusual for games to have bonus levels just for the ridiculous sake of it, but yeah not quite like this.


They should just rework delve as whole, but we know that will never happen. After all this time I really don’t expect any significant help for faction runs.

Like their solution for farming factions. Was there really problem to give us “1.0” starting multiplier? … Or it doesn’t matter?

I have the impression that we will not get a boost to pure faction runs. But we will get stronger teams for all game modes by time.
We have now medals - a small boost. And we can upgrade units with medals - a very, very small boost. I am sure we will get another boost with update 5.0. The updates after 5.0 will give us more small boosts. The time will come, we can beat the pure faction runs.

If they fix the bug that medals don’t work in delves. I wasted medals on Lady Morana that did not get enchanted by grave seer.

you have to do your daily delves, delve events, to farm up all the shards and treasure you can. Increase your hoard to a level that can defeat the pure faction. there might be a couple there are are nearly impossible yeah, but its all part of the fun. at least for now i’de say anything that can be done with 300 or hoard or less is doable. after that it gets pretty crazy for cost.

i just did Fang Moor without potions a couple weeks ago. not sure how many delves are harder than that one.


You are spot on…It IS based on luck, as is the theme of a match-3 game. Luck is a part of the game and we have to agree to live with it (only as long as we play it, of course :wink: )

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There is a difference between ‘influenced by luck’ and ‘based on luck’.
A lottery is based on luck, there is nothing you can do that will make it easier or more likely to win.
A game like Settlers of Catan is influenced by luck. It is possible that the least skillfull players has luck on their side or vice versa, but a player using strategy vs completely random movies will win >80% of the time.


Honestly, I love the way you worded your reply. I was only trying to suggest that luck is surely a part.


I need to complete Crypt Keepers Pure run @ 500 .
I have focused in the last month and days on other delves and after some tries i managed for amanithrax and all seeing eye.
But im stuck on Crypt Keepers (keep using 4 morana or 3 morana and seer). Hoard level 150. What im gonna do ? Throw gold to boost more ? This faction is so uncomfortable

I agree. Wasting gold on this to solve the issue which is not a correct way to address the issue is making Delves very tedious to play.


The whole issue is predicated really on time, your desire to spend cash and your standing gem count. If I had a standing gem count of say 30-40,000 gems, which at the end of each month didn’t reduce much, I might just burn through levels on the shortest path and do the event when I could.

I’m probably the opposite of you, low standing gems, lots of gold.

Time however is a killer for me, I simply do not have the time over a 3 day period where I often also work (at weekends) to complete events. The normal best I do is 300, but once did 450, but at the cost of work and family time, and lack of sleep, so that won’t happen again. The only thing that helps me play so much is working from home and some down time etc, so sometimes I can do more than I anticipate, but then need to work etc and lose the time and ability to complete. It’s never a sure fire thing.

Gold is a complete none issue for me, and I donate close to the most to my guild.

Gems are an issue for me, I cannot replenish 3k gems per event, then burn out doing it, against a back drop of lack of time, or ability to complete. My gold count is over 27000 times my gem count, so it’s a no brainer.

Onto the subject, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Everything is set for the long game with gems of war, crumbs here, crumbs there, new currencies, infinite sinks added. No doubt new currencies in 5.0.

Devs made their intentions clear with faction runs by making adverse changes to troops, incorporating more RNG based things like devour, death mark. Changing delve paths and so on.


If they fixed the gold spending it could be a little better
If it were based on exp gained from treasure, as opposed to the cost based on hoard level, it’d be balanced better

When I say I can afford the gems more than I can afford the gold (plus treasures) it doesn’t mean I am swimming in gems. Generally I have a stash that fluctuates between 2 and 5k but I build up a sufficient amount to kill off a new faction each time one is released. I have done only one 24 hour event to completion and it was torture…no fun whatsoever but a sense of relief to get it out of the way. Similarly, I can’t afford to go down the “minimum fight route” because I need to bag ravens to make it viable. I only shortcut at 300 and above. This is the only way I can do it without spending cash on gems. I am VIP 1…Nuff said lol