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500 faction team delve needs to be fixed

Yep, this is it, lower gem standing accounts can’t afford the flip through route, without spending way too much on the event, gems, time, patience, sanity etc! It’s why I can’t/won’t.

We are so long overdue a change to the time these events take, it’s not even funny, but there’s no response to hails…



Corrected :rofl:

Yes…agreed. it’s the time and abject tedium that has killed the appeal of factions from the outset. Some are borderline impossible outside of potion fuelled eventing. The community have been unanimous in their condemnation of this abusive game mode. A year plus and nada, zero, zilch has been done to downsize this huge issue.

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Please devs, do not touch delves, they are hard, and that’s good

Can you give more context for this?

(For example, when you say ‘delves’, do you mean Faction teams, non-Faction teams, or both? Do you mean level 500, level 200, or some other? Does this include all current Factions?)

Also, does the requirement of reaching max renown in a Faction to earn a level 20 pet for (certain) Kingdom power levels weigh in to your opinion?

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For me, the delves have a balanced difficulty. Can be really easy with potions or high hoard and kingdom’s bonus. So many people like me have 2500 in every single delve. If we did it, i dont understand why other people cant do this. If a people are really interested to finish the delves,he have a lot of solutions for complete all delves. I dont understand why the people want all without play, have no sense. And if they did the delves more easy would not be correct for people who have already finished them.

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Your solution is to fill the devs pockets with gems and cash and tie yourself to your platform for the duration of the event.
Which means you probably don’t have a job or a life. That doesn’t make “sense” (as you quote) to most people who have real life obligations.

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Still relevant


And still unaddressed. Embarrassing.

Crypt keepers is doable at 100. It’s a pure luck faction. You are at the mercy of lady M. Horde level is irrelevant

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news on this one, but the devs did fulfill the quoted promise.

Look at the date of the patch, and what has come after that point. The “intended system” for assisting with higher level delves was the release of the deed system and the increase of kingdom levels to 15, bringing 50% faction hoard bonuses.

Just be sure, I looked this up…

… and yes, deeds did come later in the year, just as the devs promised.

Your point may still be valid in general, but that’s not the droid we are looking for.

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You can easy dont try the delves, and stop to cry in every single post in the forum. yeah you have a life, but you write every day in the forum, strange thing and a little bit ipocryt

No skill. Okay…thanks. that’s as nefarious as every BS comment you make. You are the man…I bow down in subtitude rofl
BTW I am doom floor 50 unbeaten and all ravens killed. I shared my team. Yours I guarantee is much worse cos ur skill is deluded

And i didnt post my team in the forum because i havent time like you to spend in the forum because i have a life and a job. It is really funny, you said all people who already have alls delves have zero life or job, when you doesnt know how many time need to do all. This was really disrespectful for the passion who have some people for this game. But you become mad when i said “you must learn to play”? Only you can be zero respect for the other people? BTW have a nice day!

Oh jeez. You’re one of those hubristic players. There is no way you are doing what you said you do in 2 hours per day. It’s irrelevant absorbing your sentiments cos they are based on falsehood rofl.

Thats it is your opinion. Probably you dont know if you go in general menu, you can set the animation speed to 4x. Try it! It is really more fast.

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Someone lock this already.


iirc, the devs have said that the hoards werent the full solution either, mainly because they are gated so hard behind the low frequency rate of deeds.

If someone are interested. It isn’t optimized but u can take it as a expectative.

*Dungeon: ~2min
*Adventure Board: ~6min
*Daily Delve: ~11min
*PvP (Tier XV to Tier I): ~25min
*Pet Rescue: ~7min
*Faction Event (Tier II): ~1h
*Faction Event (5x Tier VII) Perfect Run [Tesla+Lyrasza Team]: ~
*Faction Event Boss Rush Run [Tesla+Lyrasza Team] (3 Rooms Main Path): ~1h36min
*Faction Event (3x Tier VII) Perfect Run [Tesla+St. Astra Team]: ~4h30min
*Faction Event Boss Rush Run [Tesla+St. Astra Team] (5 Rooms Main Path): ~3h30min
*Class Event (No Gems Spent): ~16min {Some class events doesn’t have troops that deal damage to all enemies so the time that i did is a good one}
*Class Event (4x Tier VII): ~2h49min
*Explore (One Cycle Run): ~19min
*Tower of Doom [ToD] (Tier VI + 7 Daily Sigils): ~3h20min {Expect more time, because i was helped by boons on weekend}
*Tower of Doom [ToD] (Daily Sigils): ~20min
*Invasion (Tier VI + 7 Daily Sigils): ~1h26min
*Invasion (Daily Sigils): ~10min
*Raid Boss (Tier VI + 7 Daily Sigils): ~2h19min
*Raid Boss (Daily Sigils): ~9min
*Bounty (All Rewards - Most Expensive Way): ~1h21min

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It is possible, but it isn’t fun =/