Amanithrax boss room broken

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(Credits to Exxos on the Gems of War Community Discord)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to get a chest upgrade and a substantial boost to the Room Reward Multiplier for beating the boss room of Amanithrax. Instead, the chest doesn’t upgrade and the Room Reward Multiplier stays the same, causing a substantial loss in total rewards gained.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
Play the new delve.


Before boss room:
After boss room:


Also another broken thing is to go from chest lvl 5 to lvl 8. With a hoard at 10, you should go from 5 to 9.
So we are robbed twice.

Isn’t it 3 upgrades from hoard quality 10 and 1 upgrade from the boss room that gets us the +4 chest upgrades? So we are missing the +1 from defeating the boss room. I have stopped playing the faction after using 1 battle when I saw the bug.

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Maybe we should blame it on Raven, I seem to recall him collecting the treasures. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sure. Raven got the treasure.

If that was planned and they just didn’t tell us, that’s an awful lot of anguish they’ve caused through their silence. I know I’m upset.

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Nah, I wasn’t being serious. Bugs happen, it’s pretty late in Australia, we’ll probably hear from the devs once they are back in the office.

I just checked Tuesday’s stream: there was zero rewards then, too.
I would say that we should have picked up on it then, only … that’s not our job.


It doesn’t seem like a bug, all factions are showing +3 now

So, is it fixed now?

nerf nerf nerf nerf. another one to the list

Factions always showed +3 when hoard at 10. But boss room should give 100% chance to lvl up so when completing the boss room, we should receive a +4 boost. (actually its +3)
All other boss rooms still show 100%.

Ok, thanks for explanation

How can the Devs keep getting the simplest things wrong. I just don’t get it … Not like you had a month to plan for this event … Oh wait :thinking:

Everyone, be sure to take a screen shot of what tier you bought. You’ll need them for refund purposes later.

Im pretty sure they can already tell how many tiers you bought without you taking a screenshot.

Better safe than sorry.

Same on Xbox, I brought up to Tier V

On ps4 it show the same info about the room but in real it work normally, just finished a run, had lvl 5 before boss lvl 9 after.

Maybe. But next Wednesday when they’re looking at your specific ticket it’s a lot easier to look at a screenshot than go muck around in the DB and look for information.