New Faction - Amanithrax

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New Faction: Amanithrax


Join Brian the Lucky, as you explore the spores of Amanithrax!!

We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, and a new world to explore!

To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Amanithrax.


4 Tier 7s

1600 to mythic the epic
3600 to mythic the legendary
7000 to mythic the rare
7400 to mythic the ultra rare

27 coin purse
81 gold ring
52 priest’s chalice
32 king’s crown
7 genie lamp
3 sacred treasure


Jaylanstor. *facepalm*

Word has it that the boss room is broken, having a 0% chance instead of a 100% chance for chest upgrades, also no room reward multiplier. Anybody able to confirm/deny? This would mean a pretty substantial loss of resources for anybody running the event prior to a fix.

I can confirm that. I did my first battle and only got 3 chest upgrades from the hoard being quality 10 and not from the room. Waiting to do more delves until this gets fixed.

Same, only got 3 upgrade for chest after boss room


Looks like we need to delay doing factions until bug is fixed. XD

I was half expecting the weapon to have ‘Quick’, to be more like a Goblin, kinda glad it doesn’t :slight_smile:

Am I crazy or was it always +4 for all delves in the past for quality 10 hoard? Now all delves are +3. Nerf?

Seem like only Aminithrax is so

I thought the quality 10 was +3 and +1 for the boss room, as it should have a chest upgrade of 100%, so you always get +4 for beating the boss room.

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I told my guildmates its a problem and I’m hearing its a visual glitch only. Beats me.


I did just get a chest upgrade in the Boss room:

So maybe it’s just the text that’s wrong in this case.

Did you play the event or daily sigils?

This was the event.

Could you post a screenshot of the boss room card? Maybe they fixed it already.

Maybe you were supposed to get a lv10 chest?