Hoard Optimization

Also, I get a bit crazy and create my own non-mythic Mythic treasure! :crazy_face: I really recommend NOT doing this.

It’s not in vain though, as now I can say with certainly that you won’t lose your Treasures by doing mass-disenchanting


Yeah, my “Disenchant all” button will stay at 270 soul no matter how many times I click it, the same amount for manually-disenchanting my extra Gold Rings; (31-4) x 10

This should alse applied to all 6 Treasures. So to all players who are saving for Dawnbringer, but worries about losing Treasures, worry no more!

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Outside of the coin purse (Which, when compared to the gold ring, is like a Legendary of itself), I have all the treasures mythic because why not? Did waste 5 genie lamps, 15 King’s crowns, 40 Priest’s Chalices and 90 Gold Rings for that (and 190 Coin purses when that arrives) so…


I just updated the excel calculation file, with much more data available. You guys can download it here. Only data in grey cells are required, the rest will calculate itself! :sunglasses:

New data including…

  • Data about maximum level possible to reach with all available Treasures (up to Level 1,000!)
  • Leftovers XP, to be even more efficient when upgrading the hoard.
  • Hoard updating simulator calculation!! 9 customizable upgrade available, with all info about level reached/gold cost/leftover XP along the way.

With this, it’s possible now to precisely predict the cost for reaching Hoard level 1,000. It’s a bit tricky, as I only have 9 steps, but you can still note down and edit start-up hoard level/leftover XP and combining gold cost to get there.

The reason I don’t include more than 9 steps is… I don’t know how to do it efficiently. :sweat_smile: I didn’t use any fancy formulas, but simple ones with multiple steps, manually. You can see multiple needlessly complex formulas hiding everywhere on the file. So, 9 is the best I can do right now…

Hope this will be useful to someone, especially when the new Faction is available! :grinning:



You, Sir, are amazing! And a little scary :wink:

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Hes like my old math teacher that said math tried to scare him, so that’s what keep he interested.

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Does anyone know how many shards it takes on average to get enough treasures to take hoard to lv200? I’m guessing it’s around 13k but would be good to know more accurately.

Also, based on that number how many of each treasure would you get on average?

I’m just trying to get a rough idea of how many of each treasure I should use to take my current hoard from 0 to 200. I know I could just use lamps and sacred treasures but I would rather use all treasures that I get. (I’m not worried too much about upgrading via the cheapest gold amount)

My estimate is currently:

CP - 50
GR - 150
PC - 87
KC - 40
GL - 20
SC - 5

This will get you to exactly lv200 but I’m not sure if that resembles the average # of treasures you get. Anyone kept any stats from portal openings?

This might be helpful @Fleg, from clicking the ‘?’ button in-game:


I think TIO, maybe someone else too, has been posting Treasures pulled from the past couple of Faction releases in the relevant threads, as well.


Just for anyone interested I just spent 13k shards on new faction and got:

CP - 42
GR - 161
PC - 90
KC - 32
GL - 19
SC - 7

That’s 20,395 xp total (20,100 needed for exactly lv 200) so my guesstimate was pretty close! :grin:


Ah but how much gold does it cost to get to lvl 200…

Using pretty much all the treasures I listed above it cost me 6M (5,992,000 to be exact)

Whyyyyyy did you use the Coin Purses? Those contributed almost nothing to your XP total and surely inflated the cost a ton. When I get a chance I will write a quick script to compute the gold cost and XP earnings from that set—with and without Coin Purses


I wouldn’t recommend using CP and GR if you can help it. I was just curious to know what 13k shards would get.

I am very curious also what costs you come up with for using vs not using CP. :+1:

The exact treasures I used were:
CP - 40
GR - 150
PC - 90
KC - 32
GL - 19
SC - 7


Adding Treasure to your Hoard costs Gold. The Gold cost is calculated as follows:

600 + (200 x current Hoard level) per Treasure.

If it means preserving my other resources, coin purses won’t hurt that badly. 800 gold * 5 coin purses at Hoard Level 1

Def curious if anyone’s figured out the most gold-efficient path to level 200 yet. I’m guessing it involves using no treasure less rare than Priest’s Chalice.

I tried playing with the spreadsheet tool, but the only interesting thing I got was that using 19K+19GL+7S (the numbers Fleg used) = 10k experience and Hoard level 141 for 628k gold.

The most gold efficient path is obvious but the problem is getting enough high level treasures each month. My 13k shards estimate is approx what you can get if you do your 3 scrolls every day and buy tier 2 or 3 in each weekly event etc. So unless you somehow have more than 13k shards income (by spending more gems in events) you have to use all treasures if you want level 200 hoard.

Yeah, I should’ve phrased it differently. I meant the best way to 200 using a mix of treasures balanced a bit for what we actually get from chaos portals. A calculation like this is what I was thinking. Probably wouldn’t be too hard to figure, if the spreadsheet went beyond 9 rows (probably doable, but will take some work).

EDIT: To your point, you’re trying to solve the problem of getting to level 200 in a single month; but if players can get away with going only to 100 in some factions, they can use the extra treasure to reduce their cost of going to 200 in other factions. I’m wondering the best way to optimize spending of that extra treasure.


Just use the optimization tool in the op then I guess? Input all your SC and GL and KC and see what level the tool tells you will be, then add lesser treasures if required to get to exactly 200.

Use the “Hoards’s total checkup” just input your amounts. Don’t bother with the other one with 9 columns.

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I took your advice and tinkered with it a bit. It doesn’t tell you the gold costs, unfortunately, but 102P+45K+24GL+9S gets you to 200 without breaking the chaos shard bank. Of course, this means 36 treasure donations, for which you are punished each time with rising gold costs. The more you can make it look like 29P+69K+27GL+10S (level 200 with 25 donations), the more gold you’ll save.

Kinda nuts how careful you have to be with your hoard expenditures.

It would be interesting to find out how many shards you would need on average to get that many high level treasures and also how much gold you would save compared to my 13k/6M example.

Perhaps 20k/3M?