New Faction - Amanithrax

Still looking the same. What was your chest level prior to the boss room, 5 or 6?

I’m sorry I didn’t check that one. :thinking: Ah right, it’s only the room one that’s missing, the Hoard bonus is given in the same screen.

The heat is making me slow, sorry. :flushed:

This will be a nightmare to reimburse thanks to the rng of the chest rewards. I’m guessing they’ll just send everyone 10 gems or something…

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10 gems for each level completed and I may take an extended lunch break. :smirk:
I’d just avoid playing the event today, I doubt there will be any individual compensation.

Chest is increasing by 3 for me after beating boss so isn’t just visual.

The fact it’s Friday night at almost 8pm here in Aus means not much chance Devs will be in office to fix it.

Anyone watch the stream and did salty show this? That way we know closer if it’s a bug or intended.

It feels very unlikely they intentionally removed all rewards from the boss room.

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I’m sure someone would rush back in if the bug was in our favor and overly upgrading our chests.


I agree but who knows really lol.

And if it was in our favour it would already be fixed lol


So, yeah, they upgrade three levels instead of four and chest multiplier is left unchanged.


It’s hard to even guesstimate the loss of rewards. Maybe 20%?

looks like it was broken on salty’s stream of the faction but no one noticed.

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Depends on your hoard quality and how extensive you explore each level, worst case cuts the rewards roughly in half.

@Saltypatra @Kafka @Sirrian
Any chance of guidance or advice on the event?
Even a “we can’t fix it now” so we know if there is any chance of a change before the event ends would be something

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Seriously, why would you release new content and then walk out the door and not be back until after the weekend. Surely it would make sense to release during the day and then be around to fix issues. I know we have had this brought up countless times, I know there are time zone issues, but… something that works is far more important…

I mean effectively you can’t play it today and it can be very time consuming to complete to intended results. We would need an extra day.

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Everyone, take a screen shot of what tier you bought. You’ll need them for refund purposes later.

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You must be new here.

More GoW content than not releases broken. We kicked off the new year with rollover not happening one time and lost an entire day of GW because the game thought the week before had 8 days. That followed with something like 4 months of weekly content that required a patch within 48 hours for anything from “wrong traitstones” to “ability doesn’t work”.

I will be shocked if anyone gets any compensation. If I’m shocked, I’d be amazed if the devs handed out more than 50 gems OR a cosmetic pet.

But it’s the weekend. This ain’t getting fixed. They’ll “look at it” on Monday.

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Nah, this one is a pretty big deal. I’d bet that as soon as someone with a gemblem looks at this thread, they’ll call Sirrian to get him to fix it. Still, makes sense not to participate in the event until rewards get hammered out.

I don’t have faith in people who can break code by pushing out something that’s worked for a year, or people who work with old code without testing it thoroughly. This game has too many “high school second-year project” bugs and not enough “evidence anyone on the team plays the game like a player”.

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At least the flash offer popups are still working! 3 times now since reset I’ve had the one with the sacred treasure. :rage:

And they can’t claim this was one of those unforeseen things that sometimes happens when new content goes live. It was evident in Salty stream. The “testers” dropped the ball here big time.

Everything work fine on ps4, there was a micropatch (0,35 mb) that happened while was in game too, was hours ago tho so dunno how ppls still post about it not working (other than the visual bug).


But well, if they wanna refund all gems i wont cry ;3 a free completed faction sound good :3.