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Alternative visual for troops

We have some nice tunings of the Hero so why not some love for the troops?

Idea of alternative visual is maybe common in other F2P cardgame (not an expert). But for sure, Path of Exile (hack’n’slash F2P) has some alternative visuals for spell (you need to buy with $) which are pretty cool. And it’s this kind of products that I want to buy on GoW and maybe I’m not the only one.
So why not new visuals of our prefered troops? We can buy them with dollars to make some incomes and we can imagine some community-based poll system to choose which troop is going to have a new outfit ;-).

  • I’m interested and I am okay to buy them with $
  • I’m interested only if it’s free
  • I’m not interested

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Just a poll is not so interesting so what troops and with which outfit(s) do you want?


I would suggest re-making the poll a bit, personally I think it’s a great idea and it’d be awesome to see it implemented, so game can get $$$$ without anyone getting any actual advantage in the game itself because of that, but the first option sounds a bit like “great idea, I’d buy”, whereas I think it’s a great idea, but would probably not use it myself (just like I don’t use any other cash deals). So I don’t really understand the “interested only if it’s free”, ofc I would use it if it’s free, that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a GOOD idea (any sort of alternate skins etc). So what do ppl choosing that option think? “either make it free or don’t do it at all”? that’s a bit shortsighted.

Then again, maybe I would drop a few $ if I could get a picture of an evil clown to replace manticore:

ding ding ding ding! we have a … winner (?). “sir, would you like to play a non-manticore game?” “yes, please …”

apparently taking away from me the 3-trophy games was not enough, now it tries to make me skip pvp altogether.

(yes the names were obviously altered, why’d I waste my time replying to all the QQ about “call-outs”, listing people by name, bla bla bla).

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i just realised every feature request should have a poll :astonished:

with the evil clown icon the issue is even if you buy it, will you use it on your defense team? i hope not, no manti on defense! at least not you Fifth :cry:

id like alternative graphic to… mercy as i think thats a troop i know ill use so the pic wont go to waste unused?
also maw and ik to scare my enemies on my defense :smiling_imp:

i also think mythics should get a priority for customisation pics to allow all the p2p players to brag a little bit more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We could be nice to the devs’ art team and ask for alt-art on Mythics to begin with at least, and could later use legendaries if it catches on. Also for the extra effort they’re going to have to be paid items.

Great idea though! I’d definitely want to spend a few dollars on a “Premium Art Pack” :slight_smile:

Okay I see your point. I will try to correct it. EDIT/ Apparently, I can’t :stuck_out_tongue: .

Here you go (with my pathetic Gimp skills + 5 minutes):

I really would like a normal version of Ragnagord. Haha it’s funny a Christmas reindeer but not for Divinion Fields. Did you see these guys? They are all badass aside Ragnagnord…