Proposal for mythic color and flag selection

Ever since I started playing GoW, I couldn’t help but think that mythic cards, being the rarest and most difficult to obtain and trait and everything, are not being done justice with teal color, which is in my opinion kind of bland and not really suited for their level. I love colors of other cards, with epic purple being my favorite, but mythic cards are just not there. I wanted to make few suggestions, but I managed to do only gold color because photoshop is acting really weird with other colors. Here is the gold colored mythic card:

Maybe red or black or some other color would be good. I just hope teal gets changed some time in the future.

Also, here is one suggestion how flag selection screen could look like, without clicking back and forth to find the flag you need:


These are just suggestions. I would be more than happy for anyone else to contribute and give some more suggestions how to improve the game experience :slight_smile:


The gold mythic looks nice and it would so much better to have something like that than to have to go through all the banners to find the good one!


Thanks Aelthwyn, glad you like it :smiley:

Love the banner display!


An easier way to select banners has been a request for a while, but I really like the mockup you did for it :smiley:


+1 to the banner/flag selection!


Banner selection idea is great, but really needs a way to show the bonuses (and penalties) of each one all at the same time.


We used to have gold… sort of. Waaay back when. “Shiny” troops, they were gold. Nowhere near as pretty as that though. I agree that teal doesn’t really do as good a job. Oh, and we definitely could use an indicator that shows what their base rarity was, too.

As for the banners, oh please anything but what we have live… This is good, I like it. To address the problem in the post immediately above mine, I guess just have one row dedicated to “This is the banner you have and this is what it does”, and the other two rows… I guess slightly smaller banners, or have a bit of a scroll (to accommodate future banners).


I must admit that the currently Legendary frame color would make the Mythic cards feel more special. Can still use the small dragon layout of the Mythic frame, just change the colors.

eg remove the bottom row, and shift the second row down about half a row width, and then have a small descriptor underneath each row of banners with a mana colour description? And then the usual scroll arrows on the sides for future cases.

EDIT: And I did a mock up for fun

Banner Selection Mockup


It would be so much better to have something like that!


Love it!

How about you can ascend 3 or 4(?) mythic to gold mythic version? Just for collection. So those who have extra mythic would have something else to do rather than just disenchant them into 150 souls.

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Guys, thank you all for positive feedback :slight_smile: I am very happy you like the ideas!

While I love the conciseness of your mockup, I think it loses something in early-game accessibility compared to the sentence the game currently provides. A new user would have a hard time understanding what “+1 Blue” means. “+1 Blue Mastery?” “+1 Blue Troop Life?”

I think putting the entire sentence below the flag lineup is the best compromise between early-game accessibility and routine use.

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That is a really good improvement!

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Your mockup gives me eye strain just thinking about trying to read it on my iPhone.

Perhaps “Banner” and “Bonuses” need to be two different tabs, so that the real estate at the bottom of the OP’s mockup can be used for the full explanation of the banner instead.

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Why not have a grey select rectangle around the chosen banner with a description for the selected banner showing in a window below the banners? (Rather than showing all text at once).

Maybe if it could be possible to add a pop-up window with information when hovering cursor over the flag? or divide bottom part of the window to team bonuses being one part and sentence being the other?

Your PC bias is showing. Mobile users don’t have a cursor to hover.

Ummm, yes, you’re right. I did think PC first, although I play it on mobile too when traveling to work. But then again, there are different ways to solve things on all versions of the game. I don’t think I am particularly biased just because I wrote something that crossed my mind when thinking how this particular thing could be improved. On mobile you could have long press on the flag to get the pop up, for example.