Proposal for mythic color and flag selection

actually i want mythics to stay aqua blue the way they are

but i do remmember one suggestion for a gold border that i really liked:

i like your flag suggestion, one of many good flag suggestions :slight_smile:
i hope devs will pick and perfect one of those eventually :slight_smile:


Great idea! ^^

i would like it if not the fact i cant read anything of the flag bonuses like that :frowning:

+1 to a better flags UI. So overdue…

Nice ideas.

For the flags, it seems mandatory to have something more simple that what we have currently. I never remember what combinaison exists or not…

I have proposed another system for the flags, please feel free to comment :wink: .

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To any developers who implement the banner UI change, can it also come with a reordering of the banners? It’d be swell if the banners went all the +2s, then all the +1/+1s, then all the +2/+1/-1s.


So many great ideas here!
Nice work @Drazen and @Ozball!!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

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I’ve modified the kingdom table to give a summary of banner effects per kingdom.


I like this, but it’s waaay behind my thought to make banner selection a matter of choosing the bonuses.
So you choose “+1 red” from the list of colors. Then you get a choice for the second bonus, and then the possibility to add a third with a negative.
So 2 or 3 clicks max, instead of the current 15.

This is actually quite similar to something I proposed back at the beginning of the year Hero Kingdom - Proposal (unfortunately I wasn’t able to expand on it as much as I’d have liked as life got in the way) Also part of the proposal is moot due to the upcoming Soulforge but the rest is still valid.

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Yeah, I’m sure we’re not the first people to suggest it. I know I put it into the (now dead?) UI improvement master list ages ago, and I’m pretty sure I actually suggested it before that. I wish they could assign someone the job of just tidying up the UI, it’s gotten super crufty. My favorite is how some screens require clicks to clear, and other do not. If they could just turn the “victory” series into a single summary screen it would do wonders for my carpal tunnel.

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I’m guessing they’re focusing mostly on the shift to Unity so all platforms are on the same codebase before they start work on cleaning up the UI and other stuff. Hopefully we’ll see a new flag selection method when they do get to it though.


We definitely need a better system than the existing banner one… Players should be able to choose whatever bonus they want for their team better than the limited choices that we have.

As said, we should need 20 years to have all the combinaison of +2/+1/-1 (120 possibilities, 1 new banner every two months)…

I can see the reasoning in limiting banner choices, but yes it would be advantageous to be able to fully customize them. But working through that limit is probably a feature not a bug of the system.


Sure. Plus it’s always hard to explain to your bosses that you spent a week making things “pretty”.

It’s hard to monetize “pretty”, unless those are new skins for sale. But UI quirks do drive people away.


Not me…
Do you believe that they choose banner colors to avoid a perfect banner for a META team?

No, I don’t think they put that much thought into it. But having limited choices forces everyone to compromise. I’ve been fascinated how people I respect choose completely different banner for the exact same team I run. That only happens when the “correct” choice is unavailable.


Or when there is no “correct” choice.

Okay I see what you mean :slight_smile: .

But sometimes it’s raging that you cannot choose what you want… Or that there is no +2Green/+1X/±1Y :stuck_out_tongue: .

Little out-of-topic, but I don’t like the fact that colors of Mythic are chosen according to what color combinaison is not already released
Or maybe it means devs chose the Mythic to release according to the colors.

I am behind this 100% Love the flag selection idea and the new border color for mythics…the Gold…or Red from what was mentioned before would be amazing, Thank you for your imput.