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Alternative cosmetics system I would pay hard cash for

In every free-to-play (and some pay-to-play) games I’ve played, cosmetics are a major selling point. People tend to want to differentiate themselves from the other players and are willing to pay for that. To me it seems like a good way to improve cash-flow without selling power to the players. In events in other games, I’ve seen other players blow literally 100’s of dollars for one-time available skins.

The current system allows the player to select a race, some different features and an armor. Though Dwarf and Lapina packs are available, it seems that you (the GoW developers) have no interest in creating more cosmetics packs. While it allows some customization, I would like more choice. As such, I would like to propose an alternative for these cosmetic packs. I’ll immediately consent that this system will probably be difficult to code and implement, but hopefully the developers will at least consider it.

For my idea: This game has some incredible art, but often it goes unused. Wasted on troops unworthy of their beauty. Only seen on their release and all too soon forgotten. Rather than creating a custom avatar from multiple options, allow players to buy the ability to set troop-art as their avatar.

The art is already created. Both for the card and for the team, so why not recycle the assets? If I finally get that much desired mythic, allow me to set it as my avatar for a while. Is it Christmas time? Allow me to switch to Krampus or Ragnagord. Should we here in the Netherlands ever get snow again, allow me to use Hyndla to celebrate the occasion.

If you are worried about confusing other players, then use a system similar for the doom weapons. Give players using troop-art a red border, so everybody sees that it is a player and not a regular troop.

An easy (I think) way to implement this, would be through the troop card. When viewing the troop, you get the option to Upgrade or Photo-mode. Why not add an additional button to set it as your avatar (when unlocked).

If this means that I have to forego a pet, then so be it. Though pets allow for slightly more customization, I would rather be able to change my avatar then display a pet. Besides, displaying a pet is not necessary for the bonus anyway.

A couple of points:

  • If I’m paying real money for this system, which is what we are talking about here, I want to be able to switch troop art with no additional costs.
  • If you want to prevent players from switching multiple times a day, I would accept a small gem cost after my free daily change.
  • I want to be able to use any troop I currently own.
  • And if you have any unused/alternative troop-art, that you will never use anyway, you can sell those to the players.

I have a decent job, and spend about 2 hours each day commuting. So GoW is one of the few games I have time for. Under the current system, I will never look as sophisticated as Tesla, elegant like Diviner or cool as War. But I want too and I’m willing to pay* for it. So devs, what say you?

*Pending additional restrictions, for a system as outlined in this thread I will pay 50-ish euro’s.


Your idea is cool and all, but Diviner needs rhino bad:

Disclaimer: I am a woman who needs rhino bad.

My apologies, but if you are not talking about a rhinoceros horn, I do not know what you mean with “rhino”. It seems my Google-fu is failing me :crying_cat_face:

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I’m in the same boat. My first thought was Rhino from Warframe and I started imagining her in a big Armor, but what would that help?

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Rhinoplasty : nosejob.
No idea why diviner would need one but that’s what it means.


Hmm, I don’t see it either. But thanks for the explanation.


I think Diviner’s nose is perfect as is.

As for Troop art, I wouldn’t mind having a giant Puddling to use an an avatar. Or possibly, have a Puddling with an Orc avatar on his shoulder, for all the times Puddling carried me.

It might get confusing tho, if a Player chose to appear as a Firebomb, and then it turns out a team of Firebombs had one using Guardian Crown. Not that anyone in the player base would do such a thing…:axe::rage::shield:


I understand your concern, which is why I suggested something like a custom border.

One thing I also noted is that in the PvP-menu, it shows the weapon of the player. Not an avatar. That already helps to prevent any confusion. Unless a player just looks at the picture and doesn’t scout the enemy team, but you already have the fireball/double Lust-teams trolling those players. So not much would change for them.

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Still elegant. no matter how big that nose is.