Micro transaction / DLC

Would you pay $1.00 to add sunglasses to a troop?

  • Yes
  • No

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10 gems maybe.

“A” troop … so on a per troop basis?

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Devs said no a few years back… and it was gorgotha with a mustache.

The devs’ opinion is nobody in the history of video games has ever made money off cosmetic items. They tried it one time and paid an artist to make 50 assets for one troop, then sold it for $19.99 and nobody bought it, so there’s no way it ever works.



I would definitely pay $1 to add sunglasses to a troop, one time only. Heck, I’d probably pay $5, one time, just cause :smiley:

And I would definitely spend $$$ on female avatar customization options. Happily, more than once.