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A thank you to the developers from your biggest fan! 2.0

I love the update even though there are problems. I knew there would be and the game is having problems day 1 patch. I prep for the hate i might get from the players but you guys do not get enough thanks. The changes are hard grasping for pvp, however I can not complain. You guys are a small team with minimal resources (to me) so have all the leeway you can get from me. I love the new summoner mechanic. I love the new trophy system. I love the new map update. I love your responce time to the server fires. Keep up the hard work. Now i am going to prep for the hate i might receive. @Sirrian @Nimhain @staff @Andrew and all the other dev team members.


not hate just Tease - Brown noser or ***kisser :slight_smile:
couldn’t help myself . I have that problem from time to time !!

Yes thank you to the pc, mobile, and console Devs. This game rocks and kicks some serious cheeks!!!

Every update bro, you gotta love those that are having the hardest time.

Thanks for the all bug fixes even if it does take all night for you :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I just teasing ya btw. devs trying I know and mistakes can be made. frustrations on other side understandable though as things are not working even as intended for lots of people

Devs implemented what the vocal majority demanded on these forums. Don’t know what people expected.
Devs put in the work like they always do, gotta appreciate that regardless of whether you’re a fan of the ladder or not.
So keep it up Devs!


I do not mind being teased tbh, though i do appreciate others appreciating the devs. God knows some of them might have family they have to stay away from to meat deadlines.

agree to some point. but when you can’t log in for 30 minutes then you do and game freezes or endless loading’s etc. its nothing to do with new system its the bugs. made game completely unplayable for some (myself included)
had no problem with previous system either which I could atleast log in and play,even if it was not perfect.

and that’s like all work. I leave go to work also and have to leave my loved ones during that time to.
but I understand your point. and feel for them as there’s has been extended I am sure

I could not play for 3 hours when the update drooped so i went to sleep and lost another 6-8 hours. I sill give thanks that i got to play the update. Experience may vary for others.

well if I COULD play it maybe I would feel the same. but I stop there and be patient waiting for fixes

That is the best thing you could do.

Agreed. Great work from the Dev team in getting many bugs squashed quickly and addressing as many of the issues that people voiced as possible! Hope you guys got some sleep!

I’m a late comer to these forums and I didn’t know that people were voting for this game to become more stressful or I’d have been very vocal about how this is a casual game to me and introducing more competition than is already there starts down the slippery slope of making the game too stressful to be considered leisure time.

That being said, thanks to the Devs for creating a game that I’ve played longer than any other puzzle questing game, and I’ve thanked the Devs with a good chunk of money. I’m actually impressed with the VIP system because most games don’t treat frequent buyers any differently than non-buyers and I find that awkard, at best. I found that the VIP system didn’t throw off the balance.

But now I feel like here on the forums I’m being punished for being a VIP and saying thank you with my money. I feel like my game got a lot less lucky and that I’m being punished for being a VIP with really bad RNG-sus situations like: Nothing above a epic in 1000 glory keys while others reported getting War and all the legendaries in their few hundred or so. (I watched Tacet’s noisy video and felt cheated and jealous that he got War so easily along with all the important epic and legendaries for the new kingdom and I got none of that.); getting the enemy having 30+ moves due to cascades and in that 12+ attacks due to drops of 3-4 skulls at once; having things like ‘agility’ fire at 100%; even the treasure maps feel like I’m way less lucky. What happened?

I’m spending my time typing out here because I uninstalled my game and am thinking about quitting while crying out for help here.

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There are definitely some kinks they’re ironing out in terms of points won vs lost and susceptibility to multiple attacks; however, all in all I’m pretty excited about the PvP changes. I know I’ve said this elsewhere but here’s the bottom line for me:

I’m going to continue to play the game as much as I was before (i.e., 50-100 trophies/week) and I will be getting more and better rewards as a result of the update.

Will I be Rank 1, or even Top 100? Nope. But the Tier + Ranked rewards as it is, plus the on-going balancing, means I will be coming out ahead in the end. And with the on-going adjustments they’re making, I think this will become apparent to everyone.

So, sure, you can’t grind to Rank 1 and safely sit there. But who cares? When everyone is Rank 1 it means nothing, and all I really care about is that I’m now progressing faster than I was before.

Lastly, I’ve actually found the battles to be much more engaging. With the ability to choose between 3 opponents and the fact that the opponents are being pulled based on various criteria, I find I’m doing way less skipping and winning just as much as I was before. The only real catch is that I can’t now quit out when I pick a bad match… but I can’t hold that against them.

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This update actually has so many feature requests in it that unless you were paying attention to the forums for the last 6 months or so you would have missed.
First, the request for testing your defence team. I like the request and now we have it.
Second, the request for better pvp match-ups. Not a bad idea, and now we have that well sorta.
Thirdly, the request to make the game faster, hit or miss so not sure if implemented or not.
Fourthly, the request to make treasure hunt’s higher tier rewards stop giving soul/gold. Definitely implemented.
Fifth, the request so you can guild invite from the chat, has been implimented.
Sixth, a second video preview and nim’s voice in video. Definately done.
Seventh, more info about players. Done
Eighth Request for casual pvp, done but buggy.
Ninth, request for a system to rank players based on their battle records, buggy but implimented
Tenth, way to make summoners better. implimented and dokkalfar is op for summoning giant spider
I might have missed a few requests but name me a game that lets the player based dictate how they want to play that is not dota or dota 2. God only knows how many requests will be fulfilled for 2.1 and 2.2 in the guild updates.


Why are you associating bad luck with keys and cascades with being VIP?

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Because of the rumor that they were tweaking the RNG for VIPs to make things ‘harder’? I can’t find the post that contained that rumor but I didn’t believe it until my game took a total dive. I’m used to occasional bad luck but I’ve had issues where enemy troops with low-percentage abilities get them at 100%. (Like the Maw with devour and Hobgoblin with Dodge).

Lastly, I know that the keys are luck based, but to have none of my glory keys giving me any of the new kingdom after having saved up for JUST that, I became VERY dismayed. Then I watched Tacet’s video and he gets War and all the new Kingdom troops in his first few hundred keys, and read the replies where people claim getting 2 wars in 1000 keys and similar. That ruined it for me. This was the first time I saved up 1000s of keys for an event and was ever so eager for this only to be let down. Its like asking your parents for the latest Star Wars figure and getting a pair of used socks for your Birthday.

So now I remember there being the rumor about them adjusting the RNG and started blaming that, because I’m used to the chests treating me really well. Last time, two kingdoms came out and I didn’t even save up for it and got all the troops from glory keys in my first week. So my expectations are set up by the fact that when I don’t save up, I tend to get all the troops I’m looking for.

The rumor about them making it harder for VIPs is false. You watched tacet’s video and he was a vip in it. The only way to open a vip chest after all is to be a vip. He was extremely lucky. next week the event chest WILL contain this kingdom’s troops. The major patch just dropped so there are bugs so bear with the developers because they are trying their best trying to pacify and please their very vocal fan base.