Open letter to Developers

So, there’s always a huge amount of anger, disappointment and sarcasm (for which I own up for) in the forums. The countered level or ratio of appreciation for what you developers continue to achieve for your fan base, isn’t really as highly shown in here.

So just wanted to put it out there; thank you, sincerely, for all your hard work in making a game that has kept the interest of this fickle player.


Agreed. There are too many threads with complaints and pleas for nerfing this and nerfing that. It’ nice to see that someone has started a thread to thank the Devs.

I too wish to thank you.


To be fair, I think anyone who loves this game will suggest what they think will make it better… I’ve been raging about devour and DM being rampant.

But yes, a thank you is in order for the devs, so thank you guys. In general, the game is heading in a good direction.


Yup. Me too. Still playing this game - not as much as peak, but still daily after 20 months. I’ve spent money in-game, even though I didn’t need to.

The Devs are awesome. Thank you guys.


I’ll also jump in.
Been playing since release.
And even if some changes were hard to adapt to (like Traits, or Mythic cards), i must say, an “app” game that adds content each and every week is extraordinaire.
These forums are alive, but that is usually a good sign.
Look at how many games you play or have on your phone. Now, how many of these are you invested enough in that you actually want to join the forums?

So, good game, good job.
Kudos also for the low drain on roaming data, with the connection only at the start and end of games and when switching screen. This game takes no data if you compare to bombs like Pokemon Go.

Finally, so many of us give our opinion, but that is because the devs really give us proof that they listen. That is a big plus. So, yeah, forum activity is a good sign for a game.


Great game, great devs, great forums … Hell, even great trolls! :joy:

Now seriously, after less than five months playing GoW I’ve realized that now this is the only game that is installed in my phone. That should mean something.

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I may not be as frequent on the forums as once upon a time, but I still play the game each and every day!
(That’s at least partially thanks to Guild Wars, still lovin’ it btw!)

I could list reasons for my inactivity here, but I’d rather leave a hardy “Thanks!” to the devs and say I plan to drop something that’s guaranteed to catch some people’s attention soon. Wait for it in the Community Content section. (It’ll also be my entry into the Contest, good luck to all entering!)


I do miss your Weekly Feedback reports mate, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us :slight_smile:

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on behalf of the open letter i want to say that:

making clear bracketing rules greatly increased my morale and im enjoying gw a little more :slight_smile:
especially i dont hold a grudge for devs anymore (regardign that issue), so yeah thank you for the change :slight_smile: and please keep it improving!


Unfortunately, it won’t be that, still can’t get back into the swing of those, and I honestly wouldn’t expect it to score very high in the contest. The idea I’m presently trying to finish is a little more… advanced.

I will offer a hint though! I’ve mentioned doing it in the past but never got around to finalizing it. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and is completely original to anything I’ve done before. Look forward to it!


Just this, nothing more Dear developers

Well said and yes - thank you game bods.