Take it easy with the devs :(

I’m a new player. Level 50 at the moment. Started like a week ago. I love this game. I love it so much i downloaded the app on mobile just to watch ads (im pretty low on money sadly).

Then i wanted to find a more active guild. So I went to the forums… Why is everyone hating on the devs?!? Is there some Hong Kong murders, like what Blizzard did, that i missed?

At the moment it mostly seems like people are extremely entitled… I mean compared to most devs they are very communicative. As an example Riot usually had about a message per week about bug fixing and no open fixing plan. Their communication was about poro tea partys and tier lists instead.

On top of that this game at least seems to have regular updates with new content. So I’m excited to be a part of it when I level up.

As a last note, as a programmer myself, I want you all to know that most of the time it’s the people that work hard for you that read your messages, devs and communicators, not the people who decide priorities and where the money goes.

So please try to talk constructively and without hate. Because most likely those that respond to us are together with us in the boat. Sometimes they just can’t do anything about who decides the weather.

So from me to all who work here, know that we appreciate every improvement you give us.

And to anyone who read this wall of text, have a nice day :smiley:

TL:DR: the workers on the forum might not have much to say in the matter of bugfixes vs content updates. So don’t hate them :slight_smile:


Hey man! Thanks for the positivity. There are definitely a few - okay a lot - of us who need to chill out and remember it’s just a game in the end. I was in the same boat you’re in right now a few years ago when I was new to the forums. Stick around here long enough and you’ll come to understand what all the fuss is about - especially lately, community has been an absolute trainwreck, with bugs everywhere, little to no communication from devs for weeks or months on end, repeated failure to clarify things, etc. Certainly doesn’t warrant hatred and contempt, but some frustration is understandable, especially when you deal with it for a long time without improvement (quite the opposite, actually).

We see threads like this pop up a few times each year, and I’m glad to see them. It’s a good reminder for everyone. Just please know that while “evil, horrible, monster devs” aren’t the full side of the story or a fair representation, “toxic, no good, entitled, demanding forum posters” isn’t the full story either.

Hope you stick around man, good luck and have fun!


Weavergate is still weavergate . And it was a mess. And no genuine apology. So the angst and frustration is unfortunately very real. A game either earns your respect or loses it. The loss is very real here, currently.

Enjoy the game while you can!


Could you explain what weavergate was/is?

Short version, Infinity Plus Two sold broken loot boxes about two months ago. The big jackpot, Arachnean Weaver, was missing. They stonewalled the whole issue, kept running incorrect ads for a week, then told those who found out and contacted support for a rollback that nothing would be done and that they won’t communicate any further in regards to the issue. Thousands of players wasted their event keys, some paid for with real money, those who don’t frequent the forum aren’t even aware they were cheated.


Thanks for clarifying.

That’s really bad, unprofessional and illegal… That is something to be truly mad about. Still, probably not devs/mods fault but horrible either way.

I also found the posts where a mod threatened the community. Hopefully that one got kicked from the forums. Yeesh.

Welp, guess we can only hope nothing like it will happen again :confused:

So therefore you made a post about the actions and words of players who have been here for years.

That makes sense.

Ignorance is not a reason to rush to an opinion of others. Ignorance is a reason to read more about why people feel this way…or actually take time to gain more experience in the game before weighing in.

I appreciate others in the community taking the time to give you a small bite of our plights. But it could of been done by you just asking why so many are upset. Instead of punching down on those who are upset because you automatically take the side of the devs. Clearly the devs are just people to. But when people complain it’s not about them personally but actually the publisher who makes 99% of the games decisions. Including how much work time can be spent on bugs. And no I’m not going to take the time to explain to you why 505 Games is the in fact devil. I’m just here to tell you not to judge a 500 mile path after you took 2 steps on it.


That you are a brand new forum user and this is your very first post is telling me that you do not know much about why people are upset. So don’t be surprised for all the reactions you will get.


I really get where you’re coming from. But we’re not mad for no reason. We also don’t hate the devs, we dislike some things that have happened, and the direction the game seems to be going.

I still enjoy the game, I just want it to get worse.

And another company being even worse at communicating means nothing.

A great community manager who is responsive and builds bridges between players and company/devs helps to make it a better experience for everyone (and actually also helps making money).

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The official version is that the code for the event chests have never been modified since ages.
That week was a rare case when kingdom of the week was the same than the new Mythic. And so that was intended that in this case players can get only the new Mythic with Event chests (and not all the different Mythic).

Sadly, the other Mythic (Arachnean Weaver) is the good Mythic so players get upset.

Finally, devs put Arachnean Weaver in the Soulforge for half price for some weeks (not sure how many).

That was just an issue with communication.


No. Players were upset because their in game resources and money was stolen. FYI, this activity is illegal for stores. For anyone who paid by Visa, they couldve issued a chargeback.

This has nothing to do with how good or not Arachnean Weaver was.

This has everything to do with the documentation saying Weaver was available, then selling the loot box, and refusing refunds.

Selling it again at half off is ridiculous. Everyone shouldve been refunded.


Is that you Developer? just joking… :grinning:

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Just like the official version is that the code for Guild Wars has never been modified for ages, as pointed out just a few weeks ago when the scoring issue hit.

Which neither their official loot box documentation nor the ads they were running throughout the whole week said. If this really had been working as intended they could have stopped the false advertising, described the situation in their loot box rules and made players aware that gambling on Arachnean Weaver is a waste of money and resources. Instead, they did everything possible to stonewall the issue, up to curbing forum threads and hiding official responses as much out of sight as possible.

Which didn’t help the players who had wasted their resources on gambling on Arachnean Weaver in any way.

Definitely. When messing up your configuration in a way that costs player money you should really communicate honestly about it and compensate, not make up some excuses that are easily proven incorrect, then refuse to communicate further once it gets pointed out.


Hey there and welcome.
I guess it can seem overwhelming as a new player.

You also have to look at this as people that like the game, we care about the direction the game is or isn’t taking. Complaining costumers are often people that want to stay or buy the product.

The Weavergate - someone even made a post here on the forum, asking if Arachnaean Weaver would be in the chest the week before The Arachnaean Weaver wasn’t in the event chest. No answer.
Then they apologized that it was forgotten to be mentioned.
After their apologi didn’t stop the people from demanding a compensation, then it was all of a sudden the players own fault, that we didn’t know the Arachnaean Weaver Weaver wasn’t in the chest, because 3-4 years ago it was mentioned somewhere thst it could happen…

Lately it has been easiere to make a list of the things that work or isn’t affected by a bug, than making a list of the bugs. For months a new week has brought more/new bugs.
Some bugs takes month for them to fix, while new bugs are piling up. They don’t fix excisting bugs before releasing new content like the recent new Kingdom: Nexus, Kingdom pass and new Guild event: Journey. The following mentioned bugs happened on the same week: bugs in a trait of new troops: Born of…, which cause extra turns, game freezing. Gamepass where some could cheat and get 20 battlecrashers a day, some couldn’t buy royal Kingdom pass and the buy level with gems button was disabled. Journey, where the miles that needed to be earned wasn’t being calculated correctly and The troop that could multiply the miles earned, could cause the game to freeze.

So the amount of bugs have been massive and little to no explanation has been offered. We have felt completely ignored, which cause even more reactions.

You might think why don’t we just uninstall the game and quit. Well a lot have.
I personally would quit if I didn’t have a great guild with fantastic people in it - some of us have played together for years.
I hope I am not pushed over the edge, because I still want to play, which is why I complain. But there are limits to my patience.

As you continue to play, you will probably see what we are on about. But I hope you will see that we aren’t just trolls complaining because we can, not all of us anyway