A strange spider

During a PVP match (playing on Mobile), I encountered a strange 4-color giant spider:

It happened when my opponent’s hero (Orbweaver wielding Mang) was killed.

Unfortunately I couldn’t continue the game after that - when I went back to GoW after having taken and uploaded the screenshot, I was back to the general map.


4-colors troops :slight_smile: .

Nice screenshot :wink: .

Next rarity above mythic confirmed? lol :smiley:

Ghost troop bug. :wink::thinking:

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The red section represents orange, then there are three more sections. Orange + 3. Then there’s the mana cost, 0-13, or (0-1) 3, or (halfway between 0 and 1) 3, or 1/2 3.

Half-Life 3 confirmed.


Human-spider interspecies? …
Can it be … They crossed the Decay Rate Algorithm?! :scream:

Troops that uses 4 mana colors might come one day!

Surely for the Dungeon.

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Combination of Orbweaver using red/brown weapon and Giant Spider’s regular colors. Probable visual glitch. Too bad you didn’t get to see if it actually gained mana from red/brown matches.

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Probably a dungeon boss (?:thinking:

Na, they are just modified versions of already existing troops; kind of like what Evolved Gorgotha was compared to Gorgotha.

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Yes and Evolved Gorgotha is a Legendary and have all 6 colors.

So this Giant Spider could be the Evolved version with 4 colors.

Or not :slight_smile: .

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That Giant Spider is what happens when you try to use Alchemist and Giant Spider on the same team slot. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would explain the 2x Humility.

On a few occasions I’ve had the bugged 4-color troops overlay appear in the top slot of the AI side. It’s clearly a visual glitch because the troop image persists even after you’ve defeated all opponents and see the Victory screen.