Giant spider glitch?

I play on my phone so it’s difficult to get screen shots in action.

but the other team had a giant spider, I too had one, his just performed an action (sorry this was yesterday, details are foggy) and my emperor korvash in 1st position double tapped my giant spider in 4th position. didn’t do much damage but his portrait flew down and tapped the spider twice, for maybe 3 dmg.

has anyone seen anything like this?

I assume the enemy team also had a traited Kraken and the Giant Spider cast matched 4 or 5 gems once and thus the Kraken dealt 3 dmg to every member of your team (or Plague for the same possible result). Shouldnt show no animation like yours, but stuff like this happens every now and then. Had it sometimes myself and would only be a visual glitch.

it seems to be a display glitch. i get it sometimes in steam as well. really funny seeing my giant spider doing 6pts of damage to each of their guys, when my krakens trigger :slight_smile:

The problem is that it’s not only a display glitch.
Yes, this was caused by Kraken’s 3rd trait, but I remember having my Dark Maiden in the frontline once, during war, and she applied web to (only) one of of my troops (the second one if I’m not mistaken).

Yes, that’s it! Oh wow, that would explain why he did 3 pts of dmg and did a double tap. for the traited kraken.

I have never had an effect applied, but that would be super weird. it was really funny seeing my top troop smack up my bottom one, I LOL’d