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A Positive Thread, For Once

The plethora of troops also means that old troops that haven’t been that useful can suddenly become so when used in combination with new ones, or when stats scale, rebalances occur, etc.


I’ve played since April 2017…Still here enjoying the game and making pretty pictures for it lol! There we go something else positive, I enjoy creating Info-graphics for GoW. I love to help out other players and this is a cool way to gel the two together


I’m positive that 505 Games has an office in France. And a Twitter too https://twitter.com/505gamesfr?lang=fr

But it’s a mystery why Infinity+2 can’t reach out to them for French translation support :man_shrugging:


So my favorite thing about this game right now is that I am in a guild with no event requirements. I like most modes except from the events. I don’t play as much as I did before, but I have been around for 5 years. So it says a lot since I am still around. I wish the devs put a tiny time into reworking troops etc, but thats for another thread.


I don’t know about the forums, as I wasn’t very active here back then, but when I started playing the game nearly three years ago, the chat and especially guilds were SO kind and mature. I’ve been a proud member of Fiara’s Flame for over a thousand days now and still feel so welcome! Parts of this community are really wholesome and that’s great to see, because f2p games so often aren’t.


Got two of these jackpots this week. That’s a lot of positivity in a short time span!


I am positive that every thread I have created is with the best interests of my Guild, and therefore this game, at heart. When I am gone, it will have never been. Ergo, vis-a-vis, concordantly, I don’t believe I care much for the tone of your thread. Shoots with bolt from Doomed Xbow (available in Soulforge for non Switch players until Sunday). jk, of course.

I love the passion that players bring to the game. Some bring it to the forums as well. There is much to love, and some show it in various ways.

Some create Databases, Websites, and Guides.

Some collect data, analyze it and share with their fellow gemmers the results.

Some debate the troops, and provide spoilers and rankings.

And some provide examples of where the game falls short. Just because someone points out that the game has flaws doesn’t make a thread negative. Inactivity gets players kicked from most guilds. I see inaction on the part of Devs, I get the impulse to give a little kick as well.

I thank all who keep this game running: the devs, the players, and the critics. For the Horde


Here’s a positive…

The 10% kingdom bonus stacks with the 20% lantern bonus. I just got 93 Mythstones when lantern applied on a L16 bonus. First time lantern was on on the uprated kingdom.


Looking forward to not having to do World event next week.


Even though the last… many… updates have been lackluster, at least the base game I’ve enjoyed for years is still around! As long as they don’t take away my f2p PvP, Explore, Dungeon, Soulforge, etc, I’ll still enjoy the game!

And they’d never screw up the fun f2p features, right?



Hooray for Heart of Rage refund!


I was trying out a silly anime gacha game called Genshin Impact and they have this task system where you complete tasks to earn rewards, but you can get better rewards if you spend $9.99 on a “battle pass”.

I’m glad Gems of War hasn’t stooped so low to try to sneak something like this on us =).


Decreased prices, nice!


I almost had to spend time with my family but, I got World event, raid event, AND guild wars to do today.

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  • The new arena gives me a way to avoid spending money on the game. Play a few games of arena and the temptation is gone.
  • The community is awesome and I’ve made many long term friends. Several have read my book, which makes for some fun discussions.
  • While less true over time, the devs are more accessible in this game than most games.
  • The campaigns been well designed to not feel like a burden and feel worth the $10.
  • cosmetic pet weekends give a chance to cat up on missing pets.

The base game is still awesome. No build times. And you can always play something (PVP, explore, arena, treasure maps).


Oh and the removal of the animation slow down when you open a card during the opponent’s go. Huge UI improvement!


Sorry, I have to remove that from my list of positives. Playing arena has given me buyers remorse on campaigns because it ruins my enjoyment of the game well past playing it. The other four stand.


Can we take a moment to appreciate the recent Mythic art? :heart_eyes:

Flame of Anu - Nov. 11

Pan - Dec. 4

Rainbow Phoenix - WIP


Some of the artwork is excellent. Sadly, many new troops are bugged as soon as they go live because of inadequate testing. Superficial beauty of troop design is to be commended. Getting the spell/traits etc all wrong (which is what really matters) deserves scrutiny. Particularly when remedial action is way behind as a priority compared to ridding you of dollars.

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