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Positive feedback thread: Let's tell Infinity Plus Two the reasons why you like, love, and appreciate this game and their work!

There is a ton of negativity here right now and a lot of it is from me. However, the aggressive tone of my negative feedback is because I love this game and I want to keep playing and keep enjoying it. I’m sure this is true for many of you. This thread is to list reasons why we love this game, what made us interested in Gems of War, and what got us hooked so the developers can read something positive right now and be reminded of why we’re here and why our feedback is strong and emotional. I implore you to join in!

  • The most generous resource rates and insane opportunity for premium currency I have ever seen in a f2p game. A player can obtain everything in the game without spending any money and can do so so readily that I, who started playing the game seriously in July, expect to do so eventually despite only having started playing several months ago. Further, I obtain about $100 worth of gems each week. Nothing I know of does this. (That estimate is conservative and the real number is higher still.) This is why I can recommend the game to everyone because of how little it asks of the player to spend on it; I tell guildmates to buy Deathknight mostly to support the devs since most of them haven’t ever spent money. The current outrage is over this very issue, but comparing Gems to most, if not all, gacha games such as Puzzles and Dragons completely, absolutely, totally, and every other adverb you can use favors Gems as these games make the player hit a brickwall if they do not eventually spend money and that cost to keep progressing only begins to rise exponentially from there.
    • All of this is still true despite the recent design choices. These choices are very concerning for other reasons, but that’s not the point of this thread.
  • Seamless account sharing and transition between mobile and PC. (This one doesn’t apply to console bros, sorry!) Having some integration between mobile and PC would be cool, but it goes so much farther than that: the feature of having a 1:1 experience itself between these platforms is unparalleled. You don’t have to go to a specific menu, click a button, wait on the first platform, and then do the same on the second platform every time you transition, but you can play a game on one, pick up the other, and immediately be where you were without any work whatsoever. The ability to instantly pick up the game and go or to keep playing on my “desktop” account while out and about is the single biggest reason why I immediately liked this game, continue to play this game, and why I was previously recommending it to others.
  • Tons of depth with low complexity. For a designer, maximizing depth (which is good) while minimizing complexity (which is bad) is a huge challenge, but Gems does an awesome job of this and the designers deserve major kudos for this. Most of this stems from Puzzle Quest’s design, but the principle still stands. When recommending Gems to others, they can be very skeptical because “it’s just Bejeweled”, but, as we all know, it’s so much more than that. The amount of planning and strategy that goes into high level matches is great but also greatly rewarding. Bejeweled came out twenty years ago and no one would have believed you if you told them you would make a successful MMORPG based on that paradigm. (MMO isn’t quite right but isn’t too much of an exaggeration).
  • Incredible art design and production value. Most of the art in the game is gorgeous and way too high quality for a free to play mobile game for what either is or basically an indie developer. It’s not just troop art either: the kingdom backgrounds are awesome, too. With the exception of some troop art, everything looks great and unique. The game’s appearance as a whole is very polished. It would be acceptable or even expected for a free game of this kind to have terrible art.

That’s all I can think of right now, but I’ll add more as I can think of it. Please comment on what you love about this game! We could all use more positivity during these trying times, both inside of and outside of Gems of War.


I really like the fact that the Devs (@Sirrian @Nimhain) do listen to feedback, so I expect we will see bug fixes and improvements between now and the next world event. :smiley:


A couple years ago this was my favorite game.


Even with the Council of Chiefs fiasco, this is one of the most generous F2P games out there in regards to not gating content behind paywalls and driving you nuts to spend premium currency (unlike say, Galaxy of Heroes or its various clones) . Is Gems of War Perfect? No. But right now Gems of War is one of the better ones by far. Also the developer communication is better than most.

But I think the thing I like most about this game is not having to sit around waiting for an energy meter to fill up so I can play. I can literally pop in anytime to do some productive explore battles if nothing else.


This game produces statements like this that make me laugh really hard.


Please elaborate.

I totally forgot about this because of how much I take it for granted! This is indeed huge and a huge part of Gems’ appeal.

To be really honest, I just don’t know anymore.

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I may be unpopular here, but hell I don’t care!! As a member of Treebeard we are a mid guild we just plod on, enjoy each others company and ENJOY playing the game, without bitching every 2 minutes if the Devs change something in the game. Our general consensus was we all really enjoyed the Council of Chiefs it was awesome!! Made a lovely change more got involved, and we got some great rewards. Unlike top 10 guilds we don’t force, whip our members into a factory type mentality of playing AND buying. If you want to spend real money…cool go you…we only just raised our weekly request levels because some of us were dragging a lot of dead weight, and now we have freshened the guild with vibrant new go getters. We are all loving these new changes, the extra ways to get gems and add gold to tasks (none of are gold rich) to be honest we are lucky if we complete 3 maximum a week. But we don’t stress, we have fun. Don’t get me wrong, I play a LOT, sadly I have issues which means I am at home pretty much all the time, so when meds are making me sleepy I am playing GOW. Sometimes I HATE coming on the forum to see the same people constantly whining, moaning, about things not being right for end users, I have been playing for a couple of years and I bloody love it. Sadly Devs you will never be able to please all the people all the time, definitely not the whining end users who seem to think the whole game revolves around THEM.
And this stacking with that, and this person stacking with that medal and that weapon whilst exploiting whatever. I don’t even look at that kind of strategy lmao I have a team I love and try and use them for most things!! I have a weapon I always favour, and a class most people hate lol. But I always think well as long as I finish top 500 PVP, top 20% everywhere else top 3 in my guild I am usually happy lol. The little things eh!! At the moment life has more meaning in other areas, so stop take a look at the bigger picture, enjoy life while you can, and instead of moaning appreciate the fact that these people are still working on a game we love when the rest of the world is in lockdown.
Thank you Devs for ALL your hard work, some of us APPRECIATE IT.