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And you guys think Epic Vault keys are not a thing lol

Screenshot_20200924-112840 Screenshot_20200924-115848

Ok, so the first 2 are from my phone, why the sizing.

I was just doing a little grind on level 12 explores at Divinion Fields and got this last one. the first epic key of the 2 I have, I have no clue where I got but this was both not in the vault event. I checked by the end of the first one that added epic keys. and this last one. It was gotten about some days after the first event ended and I saw that I could open a epic vault as I’m doing my normal ones.

no clue if there is a trick to the chance or what. Every one in my guild has not even seen one yet. and I guess most of chat. course I know some of you have that are prob going to post under me at some later date lol. but ya… did not see that diamond drop coming… dont think i ever seen a 50 diamond drop on normal vaults ever… So ya… good luck to you all that are hunting for one!

last note, I dont ever really see normal vault keys drop when events not on. so i dont know if epic keys dont get a boosted chance from the event or the key has a higher one when the event is off.


:cookie: Have a cookie


NomNomNomNom… got anymore? lol

You know lol, I just got home from work and my wife had made a bunch so I have plenty!

Kudos on the keys btw, I was just making a joke, glad you caught on :grinning:



I’m one of the few lucky owners of 2 Epic Vault Keys too. Got one during the event when they released, another just randomly appeared outside of an event. Didn’t bother to open any of them yet though.

ya I was told not many seen the drop before and wanted to be sure this it out to clear anything people might say. told my guild if i ever get a 2nt, that id use it.

wow 240 diamonds!!! sweet reward

The jackpot is this one (regular vault key + 20% bonus for difficulty) multiplied by 4 for Epic Vault Key.


The drop table from regular Cedric includes 250 gems, the grand prize. Add 20% and x4 gives 1,200 gems.

i got that 2 times from 2nt from last key event lol it was great. if i got that on the epic key it would be 1.2k by the way. think some time after i got 2 major blue orbs last vault event keys. or just random keys from events

i really want to see a crazy grind where someone or my self hits the 100 gnome needed mark on the event lol