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Wheres the Epic vault keys

Has anyone got 1? The vault key level 80 rewards are still garbage. You all put out this new content but nobodys got it and for me I have leveled up 2x . I am not wasting my time anymore because the level 80 rewards was 600 souls,600 souls,cedric ,1 gem key. Well to me that’s garbage and I’m not gonna be fooled by this stupid epic vault key stunt. Nobodys getting any and the rewards are still trash. What a waste of time for players to waste their whole weekend for something 95% of the people is not gonna get. Ha ha the jokes on us. Right? And I really don’t care if you like souls and traitstones so please save me the 3 page reply of how it benefits new players . I don’t care and this is my opinion only. Its almost like the class events where your 1 sigil short of the orb just to spend 250 gems for a what? Yeah green orb lol. I have everything so the jokes on you all cause I dont need no orbs. Overall I do like the update though. Just not the epic vault key part due to the garbage rewards for the amount of time spent.


I cant seem to understand what is going on here? Did he get an epic key? Did he not? If he does, then it is a bit extra reward, so what the fuss? If he doesnt, then what the heck is he talking about?

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I think he is complaining about not getting a very rare key and also complaining about the reward in the very rare key he didn’t get. Not sure how he can bash a reward that he claims to not have gotten but I digress.

I think he’s saying that he played regular vault keys on Level 80 and thinks the rewards are not worthwhile. From what he said, I think he went hunting for an epic vault key and did not find one, so he feels justified in ranting about his lack of luck. It’s part of what makes him so charming, don’t you think? :laughing:


So how many people have found an evk so far in this event? I’m beginning to doubt the devs claim of 10% of vk’s found will be evk’s. Surely 1000’s of vk’s have been found in total by everyone so that should mean 100’s of evk’s have been found at least.


1800 battles, 182 Gnomes, 13 Vault Keys, 0 Epic Vault Keys.

I’m seriously doubting the stated drop rate too.


How are you tracking battles?

Trophy count. I only do lvl 6 explores for 2 trophies. I deduct any pet rescues of course.


Seems I’ve been a little luckier than you with 105 gnomes and 13 vk’s (not including freebies). Not sure how many battles.

Every week someone’s convinced “I’ve seen no vault keys” is a sign there is a conspiracy and no one is getting vault keys.

Every week someone who gets an above-average number believes everyone else is wrong and this rate is Perfectly Normal.

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I have found about 15 vk before stopping for good . No epic. If you all wanna keep chasing the invisible key so be it . They want your life to be gems of war and with all the keys found by all the players somebody should have found one by now. All I really wanted was the new gnome and it took 5 vks so I am done. Enjoy your weekend.


Its not my lack of luck !! Nobody has found one.

Thank you for not writing 3 pages of nonsense. Its greatly appreciated. If you think the drop rate of 0 is normal then somethings wrong with you.

A guild mate just got an Epic one.

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178 gnomes, 13 random vault keys, 7 vault keys from tracker, 1 epic vault key


It’s this sort of nonsense that makes the devs wary of listening to us when we complain, and it really is a problem if anyone here has any hope of engaging in productive discourse.

There are multiple screenshots on this forum proving people have found the keys. Period. No conspiracy — they exist. And it only takes a tiny bit of searching to prove it.

If you want the drop rate improved, come with facts; say: “I know a few forum users have found epic keys, but I have done [x number] of battles and found [y number] of gnomes for [z number] of epic vault keys. This seems low to me, and from discussions I’ve had with other members of the community, I don’t seem to be the only one experiencing such bad luck. Please improve the drop rate.”

If you want the rewards increased, same thing: you need to come with a well-reasoned argument. Something like, “since epic vault keys are so rare, please consider eliminating [list of bad drops] from the rewards, as they don’t feel very rewarding to anyone. Anything I can get in a Vault Key shouldn’t be in the Epic version, basically — alternatively, increase the drops so that no EVK drop can ever possibly payout less than a VK, to ensure they always feel epic.”

In either case: hyperbole that is obviously wrong on its face doesn’t help anyone.

And to be clear: I sympathize, but I’m really annoyed at the presentation of the pain point. I, too, have killed many a gnome with no White Whale got — that’s the way being Ahab generally goes — so I know what it’s like to want more “fish” in the sea.


1st the screenshot was posted after the fact . 2nd i was referring to epic vault keys so not sure where White Whales come into this discussion but thxs now I wanna go fishing.

There were pictures of epic vault keys outside this thread posted before they were posted here, namely in the Official 5.1 Announcement Thread.

EDIT: link from 4 days ago provided for your convenience: 5.1 Update

I’m at 127 gnomes and 0 epic vault keys. I’m also suspicious of the drop rate, but this thread isn’t a good way to collect data, since people who are mad about not getting a key will come to the forums and click on it to report their ‘data’.

At this time, only 3 tracked players have found one on PSN.

A good fix would be adding an epic key to Cedric’s drop table in normal vaults. Regular gnomes in vaults can already drop vault keys (and epic keys, apparently), so it’s a bit weird that Cedric can’t.


You can only be excited for so long before you get frustrated. If you like this then great but i feel its a waste of time and a insult to the gems of war community for wasting their weekend for something probably less the 5 people has got.