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Vault Key : Nerf drop ?!


the keys we were nerf ? I did more than 500 battles, I had only one key. I had a lot more before. :sob:

Not trying to rub it in or anything, but it’s all random.
I got three this morning in half an hour, two of which came back to back.

I probably won’t get any more this weekend now :roll_eyes:

Keep chugging away, you’ll maybe get something eventually.

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Everything is possible @Furax-31. Some weeks ago someone was bragging finding over 160 Vault Keys. I think his name was @Fleg or something.

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For me vault keys are dropping at roughly the same rate as in previous gnome weekends; currently even a little bit more often but it should sort itself out until tomorrow evening.

I found 2 so far this event, how about you?

I know that wasn’t aimed at me but I’ve found 5 so far.

Not much to compare that to though as this is only the second one I’ve had time to actually play.

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14 vault keys from 120 gnomes (around 1200 explore matches), so drop rate for me is almost 12% now. I suspect it will drop to usual 7-something per cent by the end of the week.

14 ???

600 battles, 1 key… ><

If it helps, I always seem to get mine in bursts. I’ll go many, many battles not seeing one than in 15 battles, I’ll get 3. Though, that’s nothing new. I hear the Unity Engine is very “streaky” in almost every way.

So, for example, while statistically, you may get something every 1 out of 30 battles, sometimes you can go 60 battles without getting it or you can end up getting 2 in 20 battles. It’s just how Unity works.

I don’t really care for it, but, what you gonna do? If you want to play the game, you have to just “deal with it”. Sadly.


RNG either loves you or hate you.

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It is this, last event I played my heart out without a single key. This event I have got 3 already. RNG can be a butt head.